Finding a quiet or nondistracting place to study can sometimes be problematic. The following places are available throughout the day unless specified otherwise. (Written by a student)

General Campus Locations


Open from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., the Montag Center offers two quite rooms for study or group meetings, the conference room, and the leather room. The main area and loft are also great places to study, but can be quite noisy.


The Bistro offers many comfortable couches, chairs, and tables to work at, as well as easy access to good food.

Mark O. Hatfield Library

This is a great place to study all over. The second floor, especially, is always a quiet area with many private study rooms. The Fishbowl is card-accessible 24 hours a day.

University Center

Second and third floors have couches off to the right and left.

Residence Halls


One study room by the Bishop Wellness Center, and several tables in the basement. There are two lounges on the main floor.


Basement and main floor lounge.


Study lounge, main lounge, basement lounge.


Lounges on each floor, six study rooms total: one on the second floor, two on the third and one or two on the fourth floor depending on hall storage need. There is one computer lab on the main floor, accessible to Kaneko residents 24 hours a day. There are also some classrooms that may be accessible as well.


First floor study lounges, with one that is quite 24 hours a day, and one lounge in the basement.


Lounges on main floor and basement.


Basement area with study rooms, main floor lounge.


Quiet study lounge on the main floor, basement Lounge.


Two lounge areas on the main floor.



Lounges on main floor and basement.

Note: Many of the lounges in the dorms contain televisions. If the television isn't on, this is a quiet place to study. It isn't a guaranteed quiet area all of the time.

Classroom Buildings


All floors contain benches outside the classrooms and there is one couch on the third Floor. Fourth floor has a study lounge as well as several tables and a group of couches.


Third floor has many chairs and tables, fourth floor has a study area


Third floor has a study area and there is a table and chairs on the fourth floor at the top of the stairs.


Basement has several chairs, desks and benches, first and third floors have benches, and the second floor has several chairs and tables and benches.

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