1. Attend class - prepared or not.
  2. Keep up to date with course assignments.
  3. Schedule study time daily. Get into a daily routine.
  4. Divide study time among all subjects needing study.
  5. Find a place that is conducive to your study needs. Experiment with locations, sounds (music types or no music), number of people (alone or in groups). Everyone's optimal study situation is different. Find what is best for you!
  6. Preview textbooks before reading them; especially table of contents, study guides, illustrations.
  7. Look for main ideas when reading textbooks.
  8. Take notes and review them as soon after the class meeting as possible.
  9. Ask questions and review; it is important to understand material before you memorize it.
  10. Distribute lengthy study assignments over several study sessions.
  11. Outline writing assignments (reports, term papers, research projects) before writing them.
  12. Begin studying for an examination at least a week ahead of the test.
  13. Read exam directions completely and review questions carefully before writing down any answers.
  14. Allow time to proofread examinations before you turn them in to the instructor.
  15. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Studies show an increase in overall academic performance in students who eat a healthy breakfast.
  16. Get adequate amounts of sleep.
  17. Schedule aerobic exercise at least three times a week.
  18. Plan some down time for yourself everyday!!
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