Many departments on campus provide tutor assistance and extra sessions for help with the classes they offer, and most professors are willing to meet individually with students. If these services have been used and students still need additional help, they may apply for tutoring. The Tutorial Assistance provided is available to all undergraduate students at Willamette University. Tutoring may be individual or small group.

Tutors are provided based upon availability of qualified students. When qualified tutors are limited, tutoring may be provided only in small groups. This often occurs with math and sciences. In some case, no qualified tutors can be found, thus no tutoring is provided.

Our tutoring is provided to help with content assistance related to the classroom material.

Normally, students are allowed a maximum of two hours tutoring per week, per class. Additional hours are considered on an individual basis. Students with writing weaknesses are encouraged to seek assistance in the Writing Center. Students seeking help with foreign language classes should first contact the appropriate language department and the Language Learning Center.

The CAS Dean’s Office Tutorial Assistance Program provides tutoring only when the department does not provide individual assistance for the class/subject being taught.

The CAS Academic Support finds qualified tutors by contacting the professor of the class for recommendations. Students with academic strength are invited to apply for tutoring positions by completing the Tutor Application.

Tutoring is not expected to occur during finals week.

Obligations of a Student being Tutored

  1. Students must request tutoring services through the Tutor Request form. A meeting with the Director of Academic Support is required so that academic needs can be determined.
  2. Students receiving tutoring should bring lecture notes, assignments, textbooks and any necessary tools to the tutoring session. If the homework is turned in for a grade, tutors are to provide similar problems as examples but should not assist in solving the homework problems.
  3. Students receiving tutoring should utilize tutoring time to review assignments, clarify concepts that are confusing, coordinate when assignments are due and develop timelines to complete objectives.
  4. When possible, students should provide 24-hour notice of cancellation of a tutoring appointment. Call, text, or email the tutor if you will be late.
  5. If a student is significantly late to or misses two sessions, the tutoring service will be canceled. The student must meet with the Director of Academic Support to discuss renewal of services.

Tutor Obligations

  1. Tutors must be qualified to tutor courses they are applying for. This is determined by the grade earned in the class and professors' recommendations. Preference is given to tutors who are juniors or seniors and majoring in the area of study.
  2. The tutor will be given the email address of the student to be tutored and will be instructed to contact them. If the tutor is unable to make contact, he or she is to notify the tutor coordinator at
  3. Tutors must be punctual at sessions and should wait for a period of 15 minutes for the tutee to show up.
  4. Tutors will provide content assistance that focuses on the learning process and is related to the classroom material. This will include strategies that will assist the student in improving skills and becoming independent. The tutor will contact the CAS Academic Support to explore additional ways of assisting the student if there is difficulty with tutoring the student.
  5. The tutor will notify the tutor coordinator immediately if he or she feels the material is beyond his/her level of expertise.
  6. Tutors will be paid for a maximum of 2 hours per tutee per week. The CAS Academic Support may limit the number of students a tutor has, usually to no more than 3 in any pay period. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances.
  7. Generally, the tutor will work one-on-one or with two students. (When tutoring two students at the same time the tutor may only charge the department at the regular hourly, but he or she can work up to four hours per week with the two tutees together.)
  8. Tutors may not solicit their own students. The CAS Academic Support will accept tutor requests and decide whom the most qualified tutor is to pair them with.
  9. Time cards are due electronically through Workday at the end of each pay period (as indicated on the Workday Time Sheet Schedule).
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