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Spring 2023

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“A love and death story about America through the lens of race and time…”

A WaterShed Graphic Novel Series Exhibition by Melanie Stevens, features WaterShed Vol. I: PostModern, and WaterShed Vol. II: In the Black, the 1st two volumes in a ten volume series. Stevens’ prophetic voice eerily foretells of moments that reverberate through realities in a gripping time traveling thriller. This is a sweeping, multi-volume account that merges nonfictional elements of history, culture, and current events with speculative fiction. You are invited along on the journey of Winnie Skye, who unwittingly finds herself directly and indirectly oscillating between three time periods: the unsettled past of this country’s original sin, present day (during the infancy and life cycle of a new wave of the Black Liberation Movement), and an uncertain dystopian future consumed by a questionable oligarchy, all while dealing with the consequences of her interventions with time.

Melanie Stevens is an artist, illustrator, and writer. She is the creator of the graphic novel series, WaterShed, and the co-founder and co-curator of Nat Turner Project, a fugitive gallery space that provides funding, resources, and spaces for artists of color to create or express their own language within and without the parameters of racial commodification or designation. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree for Political Science from Yale University and her Masters of Fine Arts degree for Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art, where she currently teaches.

Ig: @brownivyx

Willamette University

Studio Art

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
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