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Studio Art


Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Master the techniques of fine art-making and make the most of your creative vision.

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Join a dynamic, vibrant community of students and professors who share your passion for art. Whether you’re interested in traditional mediums like photography and painting or experimental practices like performance and publicly engaged art, Willamette is an ideal place to express yourself.

You’ll focus on the practice of fine art-making, mastering technique, harnessing your intellect and developing the skills you need to create intriguing pieces that communicate a desired concept — anything from personal self-reflection to social commentary.

Our areas of study include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, performance and video. All are fine-art focused. Beyond the classroom, you can take part in professional and student art exhibitions, internships, and collaborative research projects. Your senior thesis will be a self-defined creative project that culminates in the Senior Art Exhibition at the university’s Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

By creating, showing and critically analyzing work, you’ll experience art culture while learning to use the language of contemporary art. You’ll also gain the experience you need for an array of careers. Our graduates are thriving as studio artists, teachers, exhibition designers, curators, art critics, architects and graphic designers. Now it’s your turn.

Featured Alumni

Art, Studio

Rosie Roberson '99

  • Love for classic board games turned into full-time hobby
  • Created at least 100 games
  • Nominated for a Toy and Game Inventor Award in 2012
Art, Studio

Marie Watt '90

  • Watt is one of the country’s leading Native American contemporary artists
  • She incorporates Indigenous beliefs, history and memory into her art
  • A three-story stack of 314 donated blankets was once featured in the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan
Art, Studio

Marcella Kriebel ’07

  • Self-employed author and illustrator of two cookbooks
  • Attributes success to real-world experience opportunities found at Hallie Ford Museum of Art
  • Vice President Kamala Harris purchased her art at a downtown market in Washington, D.C.
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Studio Art

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