There are multiple opportunities for work to be shown each semester, from the galleries, hallways, and stairwells of the Art building, to various locations around campus, and finally - for the seniors - in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

  • student-gallery-sculpture

    Student Gallery: The Student Gallery is used for small 1-2 week exhibitions throughout the semester, usually to showcase the work of a single class.  Frequently, students from a particular class will work together to install their completed projects, giving valuable insight into installing pieces in a professional gallery setting.  Additionally, the Student Gallery is the location of our Annual Student Juried Art Show.

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    Senior Shows: The Senior Art Show is a yearly collaboration between the Art Department and The Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Majors spend the fall semester of their senior year exploring and refining their thesis ideas, and the spring semester finalizing their pieces for display in this professional gallery setting.  This is one of the most heavily attended exhibitions of the year.

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    Annual Student Juried Art Show: Each spring brings the Annual Student Juried Art Show, an art exhibition that gives an opportunity to recognize excellence in student art and celebrate our creative community.  Student submissions are selected to be in the show by a professional (experienced artist, curator, etc.) based on their artistic merit.

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  • Roger W. Rogers Gallery

    Roger W. Rogers Gallery housed within the Mary Stuart Rogers Music Center and is named in memory of the father of Colonel John S. Rogers '63.

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Work displayed in the Art building changes every 1-2 weeks during the semester, showcasing projects from different classes or independent student pieces. 

At the end of each semester, we have our End of Semester Student Art Show, which gives students the opportunity to display pieces they’ve worked on throughout the semester.  Additionally, each spring, we have our Annual Juried Student Art Show, an art exhibition in which student submissions are selected to be in the show by a professional (experienced artist, curator, etc.) based on their artistic merit. 

Beyond work being displayed in the Art building, every spring brings the Senior Art Exhibition at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art.  

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