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The Art Building, located on the northwest corner of campus at State and Winter streets.

In addition to many well-equipped studios in which to create works of art in a variety of media, the building has multiple galleries, as well as senior studio space for Senior Art Majors to work on and complete their final thesis projects. 

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    The Art Building: The Art Building has a long and varied history.  Built as a medical school in 1905, it has since filled multiple roles (from science to music), before becoming a dedicated art and art history facility.  The building was remodeled with a 6,600 square foot addition in 2003, and is now dedicated to Studio Art practices. 

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    Electronic Media Studio: The Electronic Media Studio is equipped with up-to-date computers and formatting software for creating and editing digital media (from photography to video art).  There is a large-format printer for printing large-scale projects, as well as a vinyl cutter to create vinyl lettering or works of art that can be applied to walls, windows, and more.

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    Photography Classroom: The photography classroom features space for lectures and presentations, cubbies for work storage, and small light-safe workrooms, for rolling film.  The darkroom, which is attached to the photography classroom, features 17 spacious enlarger stations allowing each student to comfortably print their work. 

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    Darkroom: The darkroom, which is attached to the photography classroom, features 17 spacious enlarger stations, allowing each student to comfortably process and print their work.
  • lighting

    Lighting Studio: The Lighting Studio is used to stage portrait and still life pieces, as well as being used a studio for video projects, and a space for performance pieces.

  • drawing

    Drawing Studio: The Drawing Studio is very large, very open, and flooded with natural light.  There are individual drawing desks for each student to work at, as well as tables for projects that include non-drawing elements (such as bookmaking). 

  • painting

    Painting Studio: The Painting Studio is a large and open space, with a row of floor-to-ceiling windows filling the studio with natural light.  Working at their individual easels in this spacious studio allows students to easily focus in on their own work or observe that of their classmates.

  • printmaking

    Printmaking Studio: The Printmaking Studio features ample working space, many large printing presses, and a chemical etching room. 

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    Senior Studio Spaces: Senior Studio Art Majors have studio spaces located in the Art building.  These studio spaces serve not only to give our seniors a productive environment in which to work on and complete their thesis, it also allows them to get a feel for working professionally in a studio space.  Additionally, the on-site studio spaces provide an opportunity for valuable interactions and feedback from both faculty and students that would not be possible if they were not located in the art building.

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    Student Gallery: Many small shows are featured in the student gallery throughout each semester, featuring completed projects from various classes, as well as larger class shows that replicate work being collaboratively shown in a professional gallery (in part by having titles and artists statements professionally printed on foam core).  The Student Gallery is also the home of our annual Student Juried Art Show, as well as exhibitions featuring the work of grant and scholarship recipients.

  • small-gallery

    Small Gallery: Like the main Student Gallery, the small gallery is used to display student work in a variety of ways.  From an entire class filling the small space, to showcasing work of a single student, to being used as a performance space, the Small Gallery (like the art building itself) has a wide array of uses.

  • installation

    Installation Studio: This Installation Studio is an interdisciplinary space.  Some classes meet here regularly for lectures, and it is where students can work on installation art pieces, camera building, performance art, as well as providing a space for departmental gatherings.

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    Tintype Photography Studio: The Tintype Photography Studio focuses on antique printing techniques, from tintype to collodion, cyanotype to Van Dyke brown process. 

  • sculpture

    Sculpture Studio: Located in the basement of Gatke Hall (on the corner of State and 12th Street) the sculpture has everything needed to create works of art out of a variety of materials, from cardboard and wood to metal sheets and rods. 

  • hfma

    The Hallie Ford Museum of Art: The Hallie Ford Museum of Art (HFMA) is Willamette University’s art museum, and is the third largest art museum is Oregon. Every spring, the HFMA exhibits the thesis projects of the senior Art majors. It has special exhibitions ranging from classical works to modern, permanent galleries featuring works of Pacific Northwest and Native American artists, and a diverse collection of Ancient, European, American, and Asian art. 

    Hallie Ford Museum of Art

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