Indicators of Achievement

Student Learning Outcomes for the Asian Studies Minor

  1. To develop interdisciplinary knowledge of at least one Asian culture as measured by a record of study abroad experiences and the interdisciplinary variety of courses taken for the major
  2. To acquire basic proficiency in an Asian language consistent with at least two years of academic study as measured by the category of “competent” in the foreign language rubrics. This means that:
    • Students are able to listen and understand the main ideas of connected discourse on familiar topics. [listening]
    • Students are able to speak to satisfy the requirements of everyday life; students are able to initiate and sustain basic communicative tasks. [speaking]
    • Students are able to read prose of several paragraphs designed for the general reader. [reading]
    • Students are able to write routine social correspondence and join sentences in simple discourse of several paragraphs in length on familiar topics. The writing is understandable to natives not used to the writing of non-natives. [writing]
  3. To undertake a program of study abroad in Asia
  4. To carry out a self-designed research project grounded in the scholarly literature of the field as measured by the completion of a successful senior seminar paper read by at least two cooperating faculty members. We expect students to be able to:
    • Choose an appropriately interdisciplinary topic in order to demonstrate their understanding of Asia.
    • Use an Asian Language to access primary or secondary sources written in the target language for their senior projects.
    • Demonstrate their accomplished writing skills defined by Willamette University’s Writing Rubrics.
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