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Asian Studies


Explore a broad range of courses and delve into the rich cultural heritage of Asia.

If you’re fascinated by Asian societies, cultures and traditions, welcome to Willamette. Our Asian Studies program allows you to expand your horizons across the Pacific Ocean, no matter your major.

Our outstanding faculty members will teach you about Asian politics, economics and history. They'll also introduce you to the rich cultural heritage of Asia, ranging from philosophy and folklore to media and fine arts. You can study Chinese and Japanese language at levels from beginner to advanced, and you can take part in campus activities like the Lunar New Year celebrations and the Cherry Blossom Festival. 

Along the way, you can choose from an array of study abroad options and immerse yourself in research projects that speak directly to your interests. You’ll emerge with the intercultural skills and broad perspective you need to forge an exciting and meaningful career.


Asian Studies

Jaered Koichi Croes ’08

  • Runs a popular Japanese culture blog and app that teaches kanji.
  • On-campus opportunities led Croes to unexpected success.
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Asian Studies

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