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Sharon Rose

Professor Emeritus

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  • PhD, Oregon State University, 1980


  • Rose, S. Curator for exhibition, Botanical Illustration of Helen M. Gilkey. Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Salem, OR. 2004.
  • Rose, S.L., K. Sturgeon, J. Hare, and G. Thorsett. Soil Microbial Ecology of Oregon White Oak in an Urban landscape. (Submitted to Northwest Science).
  • Rose, S., G. Thorsett, K. Sturgeon, and J. Hare. 1997. Soil microorganisms in the rhizosphere of Oregon White Oak. Proceedings of the Oregon Academy of Science.
  • Sturgeon, K., J. Hare, S. Rose, and G. Thorsett. 1997. Monitoring the recovery of an urban grove of Quercas garryana (Oregon White Oak) following changes in management practices. Natural Areas Association Conference, Portland, Oregon. Proceedings.
  • Elliott, E.T., Salcedo, I.H., Rose, S.L., and Sampaio, E.S.V.B. Competition for and partitioning of available P in a wet tropical rain forest and adjacent sugar canefield. Ecology 1991.
  • Rose, S. Biological communities at marine sand dunes. 1992. Willamette Journal.
  • Rose, S.L. 1998. Microbial ecology and the development of soil aggregation in marine sand dunes. Plant and Soil. 109:215-226.
  • Hunt, H.W., Coleman, D.C., Ingham, E.R., Ingham, R.E., Elliott, E.T., Moore, J.C., Rose, S.L., Reid, C.P.P. and Morley, C.R. 1987. The detrital food web in a shortgrass prairie. Biology and Fert. Soils 3:57-68.
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