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Karen Arabas

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science

Headshot of Karen Arabas

Contact Information

Salem Campus

Collins Science Center 212
900 State Street
Salem  Oregon  97301
503-370-6773 (Fax)


  • Ph.D. in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University
  • M.A. in Environmental and Resources Policy from George Washington University
  • B.A. in Environmental Science from Wesleyan


Biogeography, Water Resources, Forest Ecology and Policy, Sustainability and Introductory Environmental Science, Restoration Ecology, Senior Seminar, and World Geography

Professional Interests

My research interests center on both theoretical questions regarding forest ecology and biogeography, as well as the application of theory to managing and restoring forests. I focus on both natural and human disturbances to forests, and I use tree rings to help interpret past disturbances and their impacts on forests, such as fire, climate and competition.


Gildehaus, S., K. Copes-Gerbitz, K.B. Arabas, and E.R. Larson.  2015. The Dendroclimatological Potential of Willamette Valley Quercus garryanaTree Ring Research 71(1): 13-23

Stanton, S.M. and K.B. Arabas. 2009. Fuel and stand conditions in an isolated, unmanaged forest landscape in Central Oregon. Annals of Forest Science 66(2): 207

Arabas, K.B., B. Black, L. Lentile, J.Speer, and J. Sparks. 2008. Disturbance history of a mixed conifer stand in central Idaho. Tree Ring Research 64(2):67-80

Arabas, K.B., K.S. Hadley, and E.R. Larson. 2006. Fire history of a naturally fragmented landscape in central Oregon. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 36(5): 1108-1120

Pohl, K., K.S. Hadley, and K.B. Arabas. 2006. Decoupling tree-ring signatures of climate variation, fire, and insect outbreaks in central Oregon. Tree Ring Research 62(2): 37-50

Pohl, K.A., K.S. Hadley, and K.B. Arabas. 2002. A 545-year drought reconstruction from central Oregon, Physical Geography. 21(4): 302-320

Arabas, K.B. 2000. Forest Restoration at Bonesteele Ecological Park, Marion County, Oregon. Report for Marion County Department of Public Works, Parks Department

Willamette University

Environmental Science

Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.