The Carson Grant

Carson Grants offer Willamette undergraduates the opportunity to undertake a scholarly, creative, or professional research project during the summer. Approximately 10 grants of up to $3,000 are available each year. Students may apply for these competitive grants either as sophomores or juniors. Projects may be creative and artistic, literary, investigative, interdisciplinary, and performative.

History Department Recipients:


Charlotte Lerner-Wright

Letters, Illuminated: Exploring the Life and Love of a Medieval Nun

Zoe Gantner

And Still the Metropolis Prevails: The Consequences of Hydraulic Culture on the West

Salome Paul

The Politics of Community: Oral Histories of Acholi South Sudanese Refugees in Yumbe District, Uganda


Margaret Woodcock and Evann Zuckerman 
Alternative Modes of History: Non-traditional Monographs and Creative Responses 

George Zenker 
From Patrols to Police Brutality: An Analysis of the Legacy of American Slavery 


Jordis Miller 
Looking from the Outside In: An Evaluation of the Roles in the Art Brut Movement 


Jennifer Ristau
The Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: A Global Movement's Claims Explored on a Local Scale 


Holy Janka 
Medieval Pilgrimage: Art as a Manifestation of Christian Spirituality 


Ivo Dimitrov
Rediscovering the Role of King Boris III in the Bulgarian Rescue 


Katherine Ervine 
A Walking Tour of Everett, Washington


Benjamin Peterson
The IWW Experience in Washington Sate 1905-1920


Johnny Lake 
Voice of the Elders


Lyn Delmastro 
The Palace of Versailles: A Place of Memory in the French National Consciousness 


Angela Ridinger 
Marginalization and Misogyny: A Historical Analysis of African-American Women in the American Film Canon 


Anne Phoenix
Historical Trends in American Deaf Education 

LARC Grant Recipients


Madison Rotter 
Diesel in Oregon: Collaboration and Activism in Environmental Health

George Zenker

Scandalous Satire: Gender, Race, and Religion in Political Cartoons of the Obamas During the 2008 Presidential Campaign


Montana Miller 
Freedom of the Press: The Use of Religion in Abolitionist Newspapers in the Anti-Slavery Movement 

Philip Daniel Mehler
Simplexity: A Historical Survey of the Relationship between Societies and Technologies. 

Christina Luedtke

Colleen Smyth
Mind of Mann: How Phrenology Shaped the Massachusetts Common School Movement

Mele Ana Kastner 


Kimberly Hursh
History, Memory, and Identity with a Focus on on Colegio Cesar Chavez (Mt. Angel, Oregon)

Haley Williamson 
A Loud Silence: Abolition and Anti-Removal Efforts in Early 19th Century America 

Presidential Scholars


Lilia Putintsev


Lyn Delmastro 

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