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Degrees Available: Bachelor of Arts

Develop skills that are essential for active citizenship and get ready to address the challenges that face our world.

Student reading an old manuscript in the university archives

History matters at Willamette. As a student in our program, you’ll weave together the knowledge of diverse human experiences to contextualize the present and develop your ideas about the future. 

You’ll explore the world in-depth: History at Willamette is much more than names and dates. Learn about democracy and citizenship in the Ancient Mediterranean, religion and gender in the Middle East, immigration and ethnicity in the United States, the environment in East Asia, the intellectual traditions of Europe, and many other subjects. Dedicated professors will teach you not only how to learn from the past but to write new histories for the present day.

Make the globe your classroom by participating in Willamette’s study abroad program or focus on the world at home by pursuing internship opportunities at local museums, archives, and community nonprofits. No matter your interests, we’ll prepare you with the skills and the vision to make a difference.

Featured Alumni and Students

Greg Orzell

Greg Orzell '05

  • Built a computer from scratch in middle school and in 1998 started writing code
  • In 2005, he landed a job at Netflix
  • Embraced intellectual freedom at Willamette by taking as many classes as possible — Russian literature, humanities and politics

Geoarchaeology Class

  • In 2019, the Salem Historic Landmarks Commission presented the Virginia Green Award to the class for exemplary service on behalf of historic preservation
  • Class performed research at the downtown Salem construction site of the new police station
  • Extensive excavation uncovered more than 17,000 artifacts, including 19th century ceramics, bottles and shoes
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