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2022-2023 CAFES Committee

The CAFES committee is composed of student committee members selected by the previous committee and appointed by ASWU, SBA, and ASA. Non-voting staff committee members represent Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and University Services.

To contact the committee, please email

Voting Student Committee Members

Chair: Mira Karthik

Student Outreach Coordinator: Kaiona Apio

Project Advisor: Leila Fischer

Proposal Consultant: Sean Kim

Secretary: Zoe Heino

Appointed AGSM Student Representative: Abdul Ali

Appointed Law Student Representative: Sami Stanfill

Financial Officer: Gabe Kronisch

Non-Voting Committee Advisors

Laura Taylor, Associate Provost for Academic Finance & Associate Professor of Economics

Lisa Holliday, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Engagement & Leadership

Mark Mazurier, Assistant Director, Campus Planning

Willamette University

Community Action Fund for Equity and Sustainability Committee