Eligibility and Selection

All students who will be returning to Willamette for the Fall Semester 2017 are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Application Procedure

The application procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Meet with one or more of the participating faculty and discuss possible research topics of mutual interest. If you are interested in pursuing participation in SCRP, the faculty member will assign you a problem or topic to research.
  • Submit an application to the potential faculty collaborator consisting of: your name, year in school, major, faculty letter writer (see below), an unofficial transcript.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can address your abilities in the laboratory and classroom, and your enthusiasm for doing research.
  • A one-page statement explaining why you want to be part of the program, and what your qualifications are (e.g., relevant course work, previous research experience, and computer skills).
  • A three to five page essay addressing the problem or topic assigned by your potential faculty collaborator. Include important literature and appropriate documentation in a literature cited section.
  • Turn your application in to your potential faculty collaborator.
  • The SCRP faculty collaborator will review the applications, make the final selections and notify the applicant(s).

Application Deadline

Application deadline for 2017 is February 20, 2017 by 5:00 pm. Awardees will be announced about two weeks after that (around March 6th).

2017 SCRP Schedule

Successful applicants will coordinate with their faculty collaborators by May 15, 2017 regarding responsibilities, schedule of experiments, data analysis, presentations, etc.

Experimental work will start (for most groups) on May 30th - July 28th 2017.

All students and faculty attend the weekly SCRP picnics, each organized by a different research team every Friday for the duration of the SCRP activities.

Students will present their results during the in-house research conference September 15, 2017.

Students will prepare posters by early October, and will present their work to the members of the Rogers family during their traditional mid-October visit.

Students will travel to the Murdock Regional Science Conference will be November 10-11, 2017, in Spokane, Washington.

Stipend/Food/Housing Payment Schedule

The stipend ($5,500) will be paid in four installments: one payment of $1,750 in May 2017, $2,000 in June and $1,500 in July, and a final payment of $250 after the student has completed all SCRP-related obligations. All students should also become familiar with the Student Agreement for additional clarification.