Scott D. Hawke

Professor Emeritus


  • PhD, University of California, Riverside, 1970

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to challenge students and thereby cultivate their critical thinking about issues that are central to what we are as human beings.

Research Interests

Differential Decomposition of Plant Leaves
Heavy Metal Uptake by Herbaceous Plants

Advised Student Research

  • Chemoreceptive Response to Various Natural Fruit Juices in the Blowfly (Sarcophaga bullata). By Brian L. DeGiovanni
  • The Effects of Ribonuclease I-A on Rates of Conditioning and Retention of a Conditioned response in the Freshwater Planarian Dugesia dorotocephala. By Stephen J. Nemec
  • The Effects of Poaching on the Population Composition of African Elephants (Loxodonta Africana) in the Tarangire Region of Tanzania. By Leili’a Panui
  • Identification Methods for Cultivated Paleobtotanical Remains with 1983 Sample from Numeria, Jordan, Including Scanning Electron Microscopy. By Aime S. Shields
  • Anti-microbial Activity in Decomposition of Leaves of Mountain Alder, Alnus tenuifolia. By Richard Townley.
  • Heavy Metal Deposition in Water, Soil and Vegetation of Opal Creek Mining District. By Jon McNeil and Brian Gilmore.


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