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  • Chinese Blog

    Chinese Blog

    Chinese Students' Association

    Come join us for meetings every Tuesday from 5:00~6:00! 

  • Spanish Blog

    Spanish Blog

    Spanish Film Series

    We hope you enjoyed the Ibero-American Film Festival, hosted by our very own Spanish 345/Film Studies class!  

  • Willamette World News

    Willamette World News


    This is the 10th year of the Willamette World News publication! Click here to find out more! 

  • German Blog

    German Blog

    German Club

    Thanks to Denise for organizing International Karaoke Night on Halloween!  

  • French Blog

    French Blog

    Crepes, Games, and Movies, Oh My!

    Check out the French Blog to see pictures and read about the French Week fun! 

  • Japanese Blog

    Japanese Blog

    JSSL Club

    All are welcome at JSSL Club every Sunday from 7-8pm! 

  • Russian Blog

    Russian Blog

    It's Mine!

    Students play a game of tug-of-war over an effigy of winter at this year's Maslenitsa celebration (the Russian Mardi Gras). 

Language ResourcesLanguage Resources

Teaching and learning resources for all languages offered at Willamette University, and more!

Willamette World NewsWillamette World News

Written by int'l students and language assistants, each issue revolves around a common theme and brings global perspective to campus and the world.

Studying Abroad?Studying Abroad?

Check out these helpful resources and ideas to prepare yourself!

Language AssistantsLanguage Assistants

Meet your language assistant! Young scholars from abroad are here to share their language and culture!


The World Languages Studio serves as a connection for faculty, research, students, the language learning experience, cultures, other disciplines and the real world. Through technology, the Language Learning Center's virtual space supports the lifelong process of learning languages and cultures. 


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