Registration Guides For BA/MBA Students

The information on this page provides a general guide to help BA/MBA students plan their MBA experience.

BA/MBA students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of sixty (60) graduate level semester credits of approved MBA course work. The sixty (60) credits for BA/MBA students includes thirty-nine (39) credits of required MBA courses (including 3 credits from the required internship course and at least one 3 credit experiential elective course) and twenty-one (21) credits of additional MBA elective course work.

Information about graduation requirements for BA/MBA students is available in the student handbook. If you have questions about graduation requirements or registration, contact Judy O'Neill or Karen Arthur.

Each BA/MBA student begins the MBA program with zero, one or two CLA required courses that must be completed during the first year of the MBA program. This means that the course schedule for each BA/MBA student is likely to be unique to that person. Be sure to consult with Karen Arthur or Judy O'Neill about your own situation if you have questions.

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