The Bistro

Our Coffee

  • Our coffee supplier is Portland Roasting
  • Coffees are organically grown
  • Fair-trade certified
  • We grind our coffee immediately before we brew

Our Products

We at the Bistro have high standards for our food and beverages. Everything you see in the Bistro's case is made completely from scratch right here in our kitchen, often using the family recipes of current or former employees. Our kitchen is running 16 hours a day cranking out warm cookies, our famous bars, and fresh lunch and dinner items.

Our Vendors

The Bistro takes pride in the vendors that we use to provide our coffee, bagels, produce, and milk. All of these vendors are local, so that our ingredients are as fresh as possible when they arrive at our store. Cascade Baking Co. of Salem provides us with fresh bagels every morning, hand-rolled and boiled the old-fashioned way.

Contact Us

  • (503) 370-6900
  • General Manager: Hannah Brown
  • Financial Manager: Kate Marsella
  • Kitchen Manager: Adam Booth
  • Rick's Cafe Manager: Victoria Youngbauer