Jurisdiction of the University

University jurisdiction shall address student conduct, which occurs on or off university premises, which includes in person, written, electronic or other means, and adversely affects the university mission, its members, or the pursuit of its objectives. All students and organizations shall be responsible for their individual conduct during the duration of their student or organization status. Students with pending conduct cases or incomplete sanction(s) may not be eligible to register for classes, or to graduate until the case has been resolved or the sanction(s) has been completed.

¹The College of Law, the Graduate School of Management, and the College of Liberal Arts subscribe to the principles of the Standards of Conduct. However, the implementation of academic standards is governed by the College of Law Student Grievance Procedure, Graduate School of Management Grievance and Complaint Procedures, or the CLA Plagiarism and Cheating Policy, and shall be accomplished through those procedures. The determination of whether a matter falls within academic standards shall be made by the Dean of the College of Law, the Dean of the Graduate School of Management, or the CLA Academic Status Committee.