The chief purpose of Willamette University is the creation of a community which supports the development of intellectual skills, character and values that contribute to the pursuit of knowledge and the search for excellence. As such, the university strives to promote independent thought and intellectual curiosity, respect for differences and for the rights of others and a commitment to the development of ethically sensitive and responsible individuals. The university therefore has the obligation to protect this educational community and to maintain socially and educationally responsible behavior among its members. Consistent with its purposes, reasonable efforts are made to support the personal, academic and social development of those students who are held accountable for violations of university regulations. Some situations involving violent, escalating or repeated behaviors may require separation from the university to reinforce community standards, protect individual’s rights and ensure the safety and wellbeing of the campus community. The following standards and procedures are intended to provide substantial justice and, in rare cases, procedural modifications may be necessary to accomplish this end.

The purpose of the Standards of Conduct and related procedures is to set forth:

  • Students’ rights and responsibilities
  • The authority and responsibility of the university in maintaining behavioral expectations and in pursuing the central purpose of the university
  • General principles and policies upon which Willamette University operates
  • The process for determining student accountability for violating these standards and
  • Guidelines for ensuring procedural fairness based on respect and care