Our Mission

It is the mission of the Language Learning Center to support the use of technology for the teaching and learning of world languages, literature and cultures. The LLC embodies Willamette University's mission's “commitment to diversity” and view of “education as a lifelong process of discovery, delight and growth, the hallmark of a humane life.” With technology as a useful tool, the LLC supports the continuous lifelong process of learning languages and cultures.

As our world is becoming increasingly globalized, we aim to foster a community where diversity, multiculturalism and internationalism are valued and encouraged as a means to prepare students to enter a global world. The LLC aims to foster cultural awareness through the learning of languages, hosting of multicultural and international events and connecting Willamette students with students from around the globe.

The LLC serves as a connection for foreign language faculty, research, students, the language learning experience, cultures, other disciplines and the real world. Our physical space, the World Languages Studio, is the location where all of these come together. While the name “Language Learning Center” denotes multiplicity in functionality and centralized focus, the international trend for the “World Languages Studio” suggests an area that will organically support the learning of both languages and culture.

The “Center” (Language Learning Center) CONCEPTUAL

  • The integration of the resources and staffing that we offer: there is no tangible center, but instead the center represents an online environment of services and personal communications with the world languages faculty, staff, and students.
  • An important learning resources for students: support for the six modern and three classical languages offered as well as software and support provided for additional languages.
  • An important resource for faculty: foreign language pedagogy, curricular design, and assessment for six modern languages and three classical.
  • Online support for Language Assistants: tutoring sign-up through WISE, maintenance of language spaces and blogs.
  • Reaches across disciplines: provides guidance and reference materials to support global education programs, as well as for non-language faculty and students engaged in self-directed study.
  • A portal to experience new cultures: through Willamette World News, TellUs and the Language blogs.

The “Studio” (World Languages Studio) PHYSICAL

  • A vessel to experience foreign languages and cultures for campus as well as a central resource for international students and people preparing to go abroad.
  • A creative outlet for any and all language related projects to be explored and supported with technology and/or physical space.
  • The area of campus that is dedicated to language exposure and cultural experience, with a multitude of language enhancement options.
  • A space for our international Language Assistants to tutor and host language and cultural events with a vibrant learning and social environment that increases the exposure of students to the international community.
  • A place equipped with trained student staff for walk-in help with equipment and physical resources.