Simferopol, Ukraine


In 1986 Simferopol and Salem became sister cities and Willamette University and Taurida became sister universities that same year. As the capital city of Cremia, Simferopol is a large city with about 350,000 residents. While in Simferopol students will study at Taurida National University (formally Simferopol State University.) Taurida has had an established program of teaching Russian as a foreign language since the 1970s and a strong relationship with Willamette since 1990. Excursions planned by the university may include a visit to the site of the Yalta Conference--the Livadia Palace, the palace of the 13th century Khan at Bakhchasarai, the marble caves, the Aivosovsky Gallery in Feodosia, the Greek colonial ruins at Sevastopol, and a champagne vineyard on the coast at Novy Svet. There will also be excursions to Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, and St. Petersburg at the conclusion of the program.


At Taurida National University students will attend classes specifically designed for Willamette students sixteen hours a week; each class is conducted entirely in Russian. Classes cover Russian conversation, composition, discussion, history and literature. Contact an OIE Advisor for more specific information about academics. Students must take a Russian course the semester prior to studying abroad.


Students live with host families within Simferopol. Host families are located near


This program will be during either the fall or spring semester depending on the year. Please contact the Office of International Education for further information.


Please see the Willamette Sponsored Programs Cost Matrix for detailed explanation of the cost of each program.

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