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William H. Kilkenny
Jan. 29, 1919 – Mar. 12, 2023


William Kilkenny, long-time president and CEO of the Hyster lift truck company, died on March 12, 2023 at the age of 104. With the support of family, dedicated caregivers and friends, he continued to live in an assisted living apartment at Mirabella in Portland. His death occurred peacefully at home, after a brief decline in health.

Bill was born in Portland on January 29, 1919, to John Earl Kilkenny and Ella May Edmondson Kilkenny. He graduated from Washington High School in 1938. He fell in love with Doris Dunbar at a high school dance held at the Rose Ballroom in 1937. They courted during his senior year and while he attended college at Willamette University, marrying on October 13, 1941.

Bill recounted how tragedy struck his family shortly after he and Doris married. The day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Bill returned from Seattle after receiving his commission as a US Navy officer. He drove directly to the Kaiser shipyards to share this proud news with his father. When he arrived, co-workers informed him that his father had died earlier that day in a workplace accident. While grieving the terrible loss, Bill maintained the optimistic outlook that would become his defining trait. Eighty years later, when asked how he remained positive through the many travails of life, he replied, "What's the point in not being optimistic?"

After enlisting in the Navy, Bill and Doris spent two years in a series of stateside assignments, during which Bill attended an officer training program at Harvard Business School and enrolled in graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Two years later he was assigned to the US Naval base on Guam, where he was lieutenant commander of a battalion of 5,000 Seabees charged with loading and unloading ships supplying the Pacific theater.

Although he did not see combat during World War II, Bill survived a harrowing airplane crash. Curious after hearing news of the fierce battle for Iwo Jima, he convinced two pilots on a stopover on Guam to bring him to Iwo Jima on their troop transport flight. Upon final approach to the unfamiliar runway, with visibility hampered by the setting sun, the pilots misjudged their altitude. The plane crashed, hurtling Bill and the pilots onto the tarmac, while dozens of troops trapped in the back of the plane died in the conflagration. With no hope of rescuing survivors, the burning plane was pushed off the runway by bulldozers in order to clear the landing strip for circling aircraft awaiting clearance to land.

After the war ended, Bill and Doris celebrated the birth of their son Robert in 1947. Bill took an entry-level job in the parts department at the Hyster lift truck company. Hyster was at that time a local forklift manufacturer which was founded in Portland in 1929 - its name derived from Oregon loggers yelling "hoist 'er" when loading lumber onto trucks. Bill had noticed the great utility of forklifts in the Navy and thought this could become a burgeoning industry with widespread application. Years later, he told the story of Doris' concern upon opening his first paycheck from Hyster, which was substantially less than his Navy salary. Nonetheless they adjusted their budget and thrived, as Bill established himself in what would be a very successful career.

Bill gained multiple promotions and became president and CEO of Hyster in 1975. He successfully led the company through one of its most trying times - when several Japanese corporations engaged in below-cost "dumping" of lift trucks to drive out competition. In his quintessential optimistic style, Bill stated, "It was the best thing that could have happened to Hyster. It forced us to innovate, and when it was over, most of our competition was gone." In fact, that innovation was shepherded by Bill, who prevailed upon the very reluctant Hyster board of directors to dramatically simplify lift truck designs and move new product manufacturing to subsidized production facilities in Northern Ireland and Kentucky. This ensured that the company would survive the economic challenges and emerge stronger. Hyster-Yale remains today an international manufacturer with numerous dealerships.

Bill contributed to Oregon corporate and civic life in many ways, beyond stewardship of Hyster. He served on the boards of the Bank of California, ESCO Corporation, Omark Industries, and Jantzen Apparel. He was a trustee or director of the Oregon Business Council, Willamette University, the Portland Art Association and the Columbia Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Bill was a long-term member of the Multnomah Athletic Club and Waverley Country Club. He made sizable donations to Willamette University, Portland First Presbyterian Church, Keawala'i Congregational Church in Maui, OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute McAnulty Endowment and the Historic Columbian Cemetery.

Despite his demanding career and volunteer activities, Bill and Doris made ample time to enjoy each other's company. During trips to Europe, Doris would join to sightsee, and he shared fond memories of their tradition of sailing home together on the Queen Elizabeth 2. Both loved Maui (known to one young guest as "Mr. Kilkenny's island"), leading them to enter a partnership to build a large luxury resort. When interest rates rose precipitously in the early 1980s, Bill's partners entered bankruptcy, leaving him as the sole investor. He persevered, and Makena Surf remains one of the island's premier condominium developments.

Bill's business endeavors continued after he retired from Hyster. He and Bob started W. H. Kilkenny Co LLC in 1989 to manage their investments and family business. In 1994 they moved the company to a location on the Columbia River in Vancouver, where it remains today. The company was an integral part of Bill and Bob's lives. They made business trips to the East Coast and on two occasions took memorable, meandering road trips back to the West Coast. In 1992 Shar Ludwig joined the company, followed by Monica Gruher in 2007. The family wishes to thank both Shar and Monica for not only their long service with W. H. Kilkenny Co., but also their love and assistance in coordinating Bill's care in his later years.

Bill lost Doris to chronic lung disease in 1999, when she was 79 and he was 80. During the illness leading up to her death, they continued to travel and enjoy their life together. Bill set the example for friends and family with his indefatigably positive outlook during her decline, as well as his total dedication to her care. Doris' death was extremely difficult for him, but Bill worked to create a life without her. He continued taking cruises and spending winters in Maui, where Bob joined him frequently. He enjoyed frequent games of squash (a ranked player at the Multnomah Athletic Club in his younger years) and golfing with friends. Bill's birthday parties were legendary; the more friends and family the better, and he loved each one.

In the 24 years after Doris died, Bill and Bob together negotiated the progression of aging and its inevitable health and lifestyle challenges. Throughout this process, Bill's optimistic personality perfectly complemented Bob's pragmatism and attention to detail. Not surprisingly, at the end of his life, Bill's world became much smaller. But his positive attitude and the example he set for others only increased. He enjoyed video calls and drop-ins with friends, family and dogs; ice cream and burgers at the park; and trips to the Oregon Coast. Until the end of his life, he watched livestream services from First Presbyterian Church. He loved listening to jazz and watching WWII and Western movies. In his last days, when his health was failing and he was no longer able to eat or drink, Bill would still muster moments of wakefulness when he recognized that friends had come to visit. The sincere, broad smile, known so well to his friends and family, remained with him to the very end.

The family would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Maggie and Clifford Paguio, who cared for Bill with such love, kindness and dedication in his last years. Words cannot express how much their care meant to Bill and the family. They would also like to thank Luis Vergara who joined the care team in Bill's final months. The family is also very grateful for Bill's long-time physicians: Dr. Elizabeth Haney, his primary care physician for many years; Dr. Eric Stecker, his cardiologist; Dr. Eric Simpson his dermatologist and two surgeons who were there for Bill when he needed them, Dr. Daniel Herzig and Dr. Michael Breda.

Bill was preceded in death by his wife Doris, his parents and his sister, Ruth Skibinski. He is survived by his son Robert (Rebecca Pullen), his grandson Daniel Kilkenny and his granddaughter Maria Ponce (Steve). He is also survived by great granddaughters Selena Barrera, Karrisa Barrera, Aleah Brus (Alen), Rachel Ramirez (Joe), Kimberly Ponce and Eve Ponce and great grandson Jarad Ponce as well as great-great grandsons Laro Brus, Huxley Ramirez and Tylor Ponce and great-great granddaughter Leonna Ramirez. Bill is also survived by his niece Jane Gille and nephews Scott Wintermute and Steve, Scott, Ken and Paul Smith.


Virginia (Barber) Bartsch
Jan. 24, 1922 – Sep. 5, 2021

virginia barber bartschVirginia (Barber) Bartsch was born in Medford, Oregon, and began her studies at Willamette in the fall of 1939. As she was solely responsible for financing her education, Virginia’s Depression-era strategy was to work at the bank in her hometown long enough to earn money for a term or two of room and board at Willamette, then attend school, and then return home and work some more. Thus, it took six years for her to complete her bachelor of arts degree in history. While at Willamette, she worked as a secretary for Dr. Ivan Lovell (History) and Dr. Helen Pearce (English). Virginia was a proud charter member of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter and maintained her sorority affiliation and friendships her entire life. During her senior year, Virginia met Navy veteran Vernon Bartsch ‘46; they were married in 1947. The couple resided in Salem where they raised their three children. Her loyalty to Willamette was life-long, as she regularly attended concerts, lectures, and even an occasional Bearcat football game. Virginia was a secretary for the Salem School District until her retirement in 1984. She and her husband traveled extensively until his death in 2005. She was predeceased by her husband and daughter Ann; she is survived by son Philip and daughter Ellen, as well as four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

Carol (Paeschke) Hadley
Jul. 31, 1928 – Aug. 21, 2021

Carol Hadley was born in Harrisburg, Oregon. After briefly attending Willamette, she worked in accounting for the Eugene Fruit Growers' Association. After retiring, she held head bookkeeper and assistant comptroller positions. She is survived by her children, John, Paul, Joan and Glen.


Gordon A. Kunke
Mar. 19, 1922 – May 11, 2021

Gordon Arthur Kunke was born in Turner, Oregon. He enrolled in Willamette to study education and play baseball. When the U.S. entered WWII, he was trained and commissioned as an officer in the United States Navy and served on the destroyer USS Conyngham in the South Pacific. After the war, he returned to Willamette and his bachelor’s in education. After graduating, Gordon taught math and coached football, basketball, baseball and track. Later, he served the Dallas School District as a teacher and coach, and led his basketball teams to five Willamette Conference titles. Gordon is survived by his children, Steve, Lori, Beck, Terry and Tom.

Suzanne (Zimmerman) Edwards
Jul. 13, 1925 – Mar. 14, 2021

Susan Zimmerman was born in Lake Grove, Oregon. At age 15, she joined the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland and competed in swimming under International Swimming Hall of Fame coach Jack Cody. She went on to win 15 national titles over eight years, with her biggest achievement in the sport coming at the 1948 Olympics, where she won a silver medal in the 100-meter backstroke. Later, Susan lived around the world with her husband, Gordon Edwards, but came back to Portland to live out the rest of her life. In 1988, she was inducted into the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame. Survivors include by her children, Christopher and Ann.



Audrey Ann Talbott Oxley
1928 – Jul. 10, 2021

Audrey Oxley was born in Salkum, Washington. She worked for her father’s business part-time while in high school and returned to work for him when her children started school. With dreams of becoming a journalist, one of the highlights of her life was writing for the Lewis County News. Audrey is survived by her sister, Donna; and children, Leah and Alan.

Caroline Saunders
May 29, 1926 – Dec. 2, 2022

Caroline Cooper Saunders passed away at home on December 2, 2022. She was 96. Born in Portland, OR on May 29, 1926, to Calvin C. and Ruth M. Cooper, her life was partly defined by her pioneer ancestors. Her grandfather, Charles C. Cooper, was born on the Oregon Trail "somewhere between Missouri and Oregon".She graduated from Willamette University (Salem, OR) with a BA in Psychology (1948) and Scarritt College (Nashville) with a Masters in Christian Education (1950). She moved to the Bay Area, where she met and married Earl Saunders. They welcomed daughters Cathryn, Victoria, and Elizabeth while living in Boston, Seneca Falls, and San Diego (Earl's hometown), respectively. The family became active at La Mesa First United Methodist Church, where she held many volunteer positions. In the early '70, Caroline was part of a team that proposed a voluntary integration program, to avoid forced busing in San Diego City Schools, that created "magnet schools" throughout the district to attract students seeking alternatives to their neighborhood schools. Her work led to the creation of the first voluntary integration program for SDUSD at Encanto Elementary. She held the position of Magnet Bus Coordinator at Encanto until her retirement in 1991. In retirement, Caroline and Earl traveled extensively, while she remained active in the church through the United Methodist Women and her Sunday book group. She was one of the church's first female worship ushers. In 2021, Elizabeth moved from New Jersey to care for her until her passing, in the home she dearly loved. Preceded in death by her husband, Caroline is survived by daughters and sons-in-law Cathryn and Howard Spetter, Victoria and David Plettner-Saunders, and Elizabeth Saunders and Kevin Bardelski; her grandsons and granddaughters-in-law William and Alyse Spetter (great-grandson Cole Spetter), and John and Kerissa Spetter.

Ward Clarkson Miles BA' 48
May 4, 1922 – April 15, 2023

Born in Salem, Oregon, Ward earned a BA from Willamette U and an MD from U of Pennsylvania. In 1954 he began work at Group Health Co-op in Seattle. In 1972 he helped open the Olympia Medical Center. He moved with his wife Alice and two of their children to a small farm on Fish Trap Loop. Ward served on the State Health Care Coordinating Board and on the Group Health Foundation board after he retired in 1984. In 2001 Ward and Alice moved to Panorama City. They stayed active in Olympia Friends Meeting and were able to have a garden, which both enjoyed. Alice died in 2010. Ward moved to an apartment, then to Panorama's nursing facility. Until the end he enjoyed being part of Olympia Meeting and the Panorama community.


Louise (Ellis) Wilcox
Aug. 20, 1927 – Jan. 26, 2023Ellis Wilcox

Louise (Ellis) Wilcox graduated from Willamette in 1949 with a degree in French and enjoyed  being a member of Alliance Francais for many years. She married Orland Wilcox who preceded her in death after 58 years together. Survivors include 4 children, 13 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

Frank Newell
Feb. 2, 1925 – Mar. 21, 2022

Frank Newell was born in Pender, Washington. While at Willamette, Newell earned his degree in Political Science. Between high school and college, he served in the Pacific Combat Area in World War II as crewman on a B-24, radio operator, aerial gunner, and aerial photographer in the 7th Air Force. After his service, Newell began a distinguished 58-year career in newspaper management, publishing, and media consulting serving news outlets across the nation. Newell also had a great interest in writing which led him to create the Frank H. Newell Creative Writing Prize, awarded annually through Willamette University's English Department for outstanding student work in short fiction. He is preceded in death by his wife, Susanne. He is survived by his partner Marilyn Evens and both children.

Betty M. Wilson
Sep. 23, 1927 - Sep.23, 2022

Betty May Jackman Wilson left La Conner, Washington for her next adventure on her 95th birthday, Sept. 23, 2022.She was born at home in Dayton, Oregon in 1927 to May and Walter Jackman. Her family moved to McMinnville so she could attend school. They lived in the Methodist parsonage until her father built them a house (hand digging out the basement at night after work). Betty loved music and was always singing; she sang in the school choir, played in the band and also played piano. Later she learned the organ.After graduating from high school Betty left for Willamette University to become a doctor. There she met her future husband, Dr. James Wilson. After graduation he went to medical school and she went to study at Columbia University with the first group of physical therapists in the United States.


Garald "Gary" Lawrence
1928 - 2022

Gary was born in North Dakota, the third of five children. He was valedictorian of his small high school in Westport, and graduated from Willamette University in 1950. Gary was many things in his life, most notably a teacher, farmer, and active community supporter. Gary loved so many things, including travel, celebrations, theater, music, his family, friends, and community. Survived by his wife Joan, children Amy (Mary) and Tom (Cindy), granddaughter Amelia, sister Beverly, and many family members in Oregon and beyond. Pre-deceased by his beloved brothers Arbie, Max, and Ron.

Gordon C. Ferrell
Mar. 30, 1928 - Aug. 31, 2022

Gordon was born March 30, 1928, in Longview, Washington to Harry and Marion Ferrell. He attended Willamette and graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. It was there that he met his wife Connie Bailey. They married on August 12, 1950, and recently celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. Gordon joined the Family business, Ferrell Lumber Company, with his father and two brothers. He was actively involved in the lumber yards for 42 years and expanded them to include five Home Centers in Washington and Oregon. He is survived by his wife, Connie; three daughters, Cynthia Ferrell, Cascais, Portugal, Kathryn (Mario) Menconi, Tacoma, WA and Linda (Jim) Deller, of Bothell, WA., a brother-in-law, Daniel Bailey, Eugene, Oregon. Six Grandchildren, Andrew Deller, Megan Rothman, Danielle Menconi, Bryan Ferrell, Nicholas Deller, and Amy Deller. Two great-grandsons, Rome Rothman and Jack Deller, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Louise Royce
Jan. 12, 1929 - Mar. 9, 2022

Louise Royce was born in Washington State. While at Willamette University, Louise was sister of the Delta Gamma sorority as well as a Psychology major. After WU, she moved to Seattle and was a member of Grandview United Methodist Church Women, the Summit County Genealogical Society, and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She enjoyed historical research and loved nature. Louise is preceded in death by husband Rodney D. Royce; and is survived by daughter Diana and son David.

Leopold J. Pospisil
Apr. 26, 1923 - Oct. 25, 2021

Leopold Pospisil was born in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia. While at Willamette University, Pospisil studied sociology and completed his PhD in anthropology at Yale in 1956. He remained at Yale to become a professor of anthropology and curator of the Peabody Museum. He was elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in 1984 and from 1980 to 1984 he was president of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences, for Czech and Slovak exiles. He is survived by his wife Zdenka Pospisil; and his daughters and sons-in-law Zdenka Jonak, Jiri Jonak, Mira Pospisil and John Lane.



Kenneth Knox
Apr. 13, 1932 - Sep. 17, 2022

Ken Knox was born in Portland, Oregon in 1932. Ken attended Willamette before working at Tektronix, Inc. until his retirement in 1986. During his time at Tektronix, Ken served as the Treasurer, President of Tektronix Export Corporation, and the Director of Tektronix International A.G. Ken is survived by his wife, Alicia; and by his children with his late wife, Nelda; a son, Greg Knox; a daughter, Wesley Sanberg; and a granddaughter, Savannah Sanberg.


Albert J. Lund Jr.
Feb. 8, 1930 - Jan. 29, 2023

Albert (Bert) J. Lund Jr., loved and appreciated by family, friends, and former students, went to heaven on January 29, 2023, at age 92. We will miss his unswerving dedication to our family, guiding example, leadership, and (sometimes corny) sense of humor. Bert was born on February 8, 1930, in Portland to Albert and Bertha Lund. An only child, he grew up on Portland's east side, usually in homes near his father's auto repair shop. The small family regularly attended Grant Park Baptist Church. Bert was an adept student and skipped two half-years during grade school. He played French horn in the Grant High School band and orchestra, appearing in all-state and all-Northwest bands, and was a pitcher on the baseball team. In 1947, he enrolled at Willamette University, where he continued to play music and baseball. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in history in 1951 and earned a master's degree in education from the University of Portland in 1956. Bert began his teaching career with two years at Stanfield High School in eastern Oregon, followed by a year each at Scio and Gervais. He taught students from high school to grade school in a variety of subjects: band, chorus, geography, math, English, and his specialty, history. In 1956, he moved to Eugene for a job at Wilson Junior High, where he taught social living (history and English) for the next eleven years. In 1967 he switched to Jefferson Junior High, where he taught social studies and served as department chair until retiring in 1985 after 33 years as an educator. In August 1957, Bert began dating a fellow Willamette alum who would become the love of his life: Betty Leonard. He remembered her from a play she was in when they were students. They married on June 29, 1958, and spent the rest of their lives in Eugene. Their first son, Jim, was born in 1960, and second son, Dave, arrived in 1962. Bert treasured the four grandchildren that eventually followed: Emily, Erik, Sonja, and Peter. Bert and Betty were happily married for 51 years until her death in 2010.

Marjorie A. Coffman
Jul. 10, 1929 - Jan. 14, 2023

Marjorie “Margie” Ann Coffman, of North Bend, was born in Los Angeles, California on a nice summer day on July 10, 1929 and died on January 14, 2023 at her home in North Bend at the age of 93. Margie attended North Bend High School and went on to Willamette University and Oregon State University where she had membership in Phi Kappa Phi National Scholastic Honor Society. Membership represented the highest campus honor for outstanding scholastic achievement. After graduating, she began teaching elementary school at Roosevelt Elementary in North Bend and later volunteered for the SMART reading program. She belonged to the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Good Sam camping group. Margie married Claude Oliver Coffman on November 26, 1948 and they spent 75 years camping, hunting, fishing, building houses, and working on rentals. They were called on two missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, one in Bandon and the other at Martin’s Cove, Wyoming. Margie was also a young women's and a relief society leader for her church. Margie enjoyed many hobbies including spinning, knitting, quilting, sewing, pottery and ceramics, as well as working with leather. Margie will be greatly missed by all of her family and friends.


Clifford R. Girod E’56
Mar. 27, 1930 – Feb. 19, 2021

Clifford Roland Girod was born in Salem. At Willamette, he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and played on the 1952 basketball team that won four consecutive Northwest Conference championships. After earning his degree in education, he went on to teach and coach at Brookings High School before serving two years in the U.S. Army. While in Korea, he played in the Far East Armed Services basketball championship game. Later in his career, Clifford served as a counselor and guidance chairman at McNary High School. Outside of the classroom, Clifford always enjoyed working with young people in his church and in other volunteer activities. Survivors include his wife, Jeanie; brother, Daryl Girod ’55; and children Curtis, Douglas, Eric, Elizabeth and Julie.


Donald G. Sandstrom
Apr. 5, 1931 – May 1, 2022

Donald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He originally attended Northwestern University, but transferred and graduated from Willamette University with a degree in Philosophy. The next fall, he enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Panama. After the Army, Don attended Philadelphia College of Art and received his BFA in Sculpture which led him to teach at Indiana University and then a year with Temple University Tyler School of Art in Rome. Don was predeceased by his mother and father. He is survived by his wife, Marion; his sons, Jeffrey, Anders, and Per.

Carolyn Crane Hitchman
Jan. 20, 1932 – Apr. 18, 2022

Carolyn Hitchman was born in St. John, Washington. She enrolled at Willamette University on a scholarship, graduating with a degree in the Arts. As a gifted watercolor painter, she created colorful and evocative landscape scenes of the Oregon Coast. Her paintings have been exhibited at many galleries and after establishing a women's clothing company, sent handmade skirts to customers including First Lady Betty Ford and Kathryn Hepburn. After graduation, she worked for United Airlines as a stewardess, based in NYC and Denver. Carolyn was preceded in death by son, Brian; and is survived by three children, Daniel, Megan, Kan., and Caryn; and three grandchildren.

Nicholas D. Zafiratos JD’55
May 9, 1926 – Apr. 18, 2021

Nicholas Dan Zafiratos was born in Mill City, Oregon. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, he worked as a railroad engineer to help support his parents and younger brother. He then attended the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and Willamette, where he graduated top of his class and received a law degree. At Willamette College of Law, his classmates honored him by electing him class president. After graduation, he began his law career as assistant city attorney in Salem, first with the welfare and recovery division and later with the state forestry board. Later, Nick would go into private practice and was known as a dynamic, well-respected attorney throughout the state. He was predeceased by his wife, Virginia (Ginny), and survived by his daughters Ann, Molly, and Jane.


William McKinney JD'61
Apr. 28, 1933 – Feb. 13, 2023

William C. McKinney passed away on February 13, 2023, at the age of 89. Bill was born in Salem, attended Salem schools, and graduated from Willamette University and Willamette Law School. He was an Eagle Scout, a flying instructor in the Air Force, and a member of several organizations. He was a lawyer in Salem and retired in 1999. Bill is survived by his wife Betty Pihl McKinney, her son Christian Turpen (Jennifer), and three grandsons Tyler, Jacob, and Zachary. There will be a celebration of life in June 2023.

Ruben Menashe
Dec. 2, 2022 – Nov. 7, 2022

Born in Portland, Ore., Ruben attended Willamette University upon graduating from Grant High School in 1951. Ruben served as Student Body President and received many honor society and athletic awards. Ruben graduated in 1955 with a B.A. in Economics and an ROTC Commission in the U.S. Air Force. Upon returning to Portland, Ruben met his wife of 58 years on a blind date set up by high school and college friend, Gino Pieretti. Ruben was active in the Portland community, contributing his resources and time to numerous local organizations. Ruben is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Menashe; brother, Albert L. (Bette Lynn) Menashe; son, Jack R. (Madeleine) Menashe; granddaughter, Ella Menashe; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Kent Holmes
Oct. 11, 2022

Kent was born in Provo, Utah and later moved to San Carlos, California, where he attended high school. He developed his passion for world history and international politics at Willamette University. After graduating, Kent developed his passion into a career of public service, attaining the rank of First Lieutenant aboard the USS Oglethorpe. In 1964, Kent began his career with the CIA, ultimately being promoted to the ranks of the Senior Intelligence Service. Kent spent his final year in Baker, West Virginia, cared for by his loving family. He is preceded in death by his wife, Virginia, their son, Edward (John), and his sister, Jeanne Stoker. He is survived by his daughters, Catherine, Christine Bennett, and Diana (Michael Russell), four grandchildren, and seven (soon eight) great-grandchildren.

Lawrence 'Larry' Monk
Mar. 2, 1933 - Oct. 11, 2022

On October 11larry-monk.jpegth Lawrence “Larry” E. Monk, age 89, died peacefully in bed next to his wife of 52 years. Larry was born to parents Dr. Cecil Ray and Florence Helen (Jones) Monk in Salem, Oregon in 1933. He was the eldest of 3 children.

Larry graduated from Willamette University in 1955 with a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and from Drew University Seminary in 1958 with a Master’s degree in Theology. Larry’s family has a long connection to Willamette University, beginning with his dad, who was a professor at Willamette University from 1928-1968, and continuing through his grandchildren.

Larry received a lifesaving donated kidney from his sister Lenore in 1981; he cared for this gift for the next 41 years. Larry refused to worry about things he couldn’t control and always believed the best outcome was going to happen.

Larry was a minister in the United Methodist Church; he served congregations all over Oregon from 1958 - 1997 including West Salem, Sheridan, Stayton, Garden Home, Bennett Chapel/Lents, Sweet Home, Roseburg, Oregon City and Metzger. Also, Larry was committed to helping the people of Guatemala. He led many trips to Guatemala allowing adults and youth to contribute to service projects and learn about a culture very different from their own. Larry raised money to support Los Romeritos, a Guatemalan program helping children and families. After Larry’s death, a mass to honor him was said in Guatemala City.

Larry cared more about people than possessions and had no interest in money except to give it away to causes he wanted to support. He was a lifelong pacifist and when he registered for the draft he did so as a CO, a conscientious objector. He had courage, integrity and showed friendship, kindness and caring to all he encountered. He had a dry sense of humor and would quietly make a joke that could slip by unnoticed if you weren’t paying attention. He lived his values and was a positive force in many people’s lives serving as a role model of how to live as a good human being.

Larry had diverse interests and talents. He enjoyed astrology and was known for asking people not only when they were born but where and what time so he could do their astrological charts. Larry collected butterflies and insects from around the world. Larry was good with electronics, he built a kit television, stereo, radios, and a metronome. He liked gardening including grafting his apple and pear trees with multiple varieties of fruit. In 1972 Larry started making wine. His dandelion wine was apparently horrid, and he would use the peels from pears to make an equally disliked drink. Larry’s more successful wines included his elderberry wine and grape wine.

Larry was an excellent musician. He played the violin in the Willamette Falls symphony, the Mt. Hood Community College Orchestra, and the Salem Symphony. Larry was famous for his perfect pitch.
Larry was an avid bike rider, and had many stories about his 1954, 8-week bike trip through Europe where he served as the translator for the group. Larry spoke Spanish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Russian and Japanese, and the Mayan language of Quiche. He continued to study languages into his late 80’s.

Larry had a love of the outdoors and took his family camping and on backpacking trips in the 70’s before this was a popular activity. He enjoyed traveling to many places in the world.

Larry married Linda in 1970, Together they brought 8 eight children into the marriage. He had enough love for all of them. Larry fell in love with Linda because he loved how she treated her children.

Larry is survived by his wife, Linda; sisters, Lois Monk Welch BA’57 and Lenore Monk BA’65; eight children, Cheryl Gertz (Ken), Daryl Monk (Julie Wycoff Monk BA’80), Tanya Monk Mounts BS’85 (Brent), Laurie Fuglee, Jeannie Monk (Tim), Daniel Monk-Kowalsky, David Kowalsky (Cindy) and Casey Christopher (Julie); 18 grandchildren, including Bonnie Monk Kraxberger BM’08 and Jason Monk BA’11; and six great-grandchildren.

George E. Carlisle
Jan. 21, 1933 – July 2, 2021

George Carlisle was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated from Willamette with a bachelor's degree in economics and moved with his wife Marilynn to Washington, where he took a position in the accounting department for Crown Zellerbach. A devout Christian, George served for several years on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and believed strongly in the importance of serving people in economic distress. He is survived by Marilynn and their children, Kerrie, Kevin, Kelly, and Shelley.


Peter C. Harvey
July 10, 1934 – Jan. 14, 2021

Peter Chase Harvey was born in Portland, Oregon. At Willamette, he played baseball and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Peter went on to work in local government, serving in a multitude of roles, including as city manager for the City of Tacoma (Washington) from 1969-1978. Later, he served as the city manager for Lake Oswego, Oregon and Peoria, Arizona. Peter received the Career of Excellence Award from the Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration in 1990. Throughout his life, Peter was a generous donor to Willamette.


Paul E. Edwards
Oct. 25, 1934 – Aug. 20, 2021

Paul Everett Edwards Jr. was born in Monrovia, California. He graduated from Willamette before obtaining his Ph.D from American University in Washington, D.C. Paul was a professor and administrator at Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community and Technical College for more than 50 years, also serving as dean, vice president and later provost. Some of Paul's fondest memories were of traveling to more than 40 countries with his wife, Peggy (Doerfler) Edwards ’60, and his best friend, the late Father Jude Molnar. Survivors include Peggy and sons Paul III and Christopher.

Emil G. Stunz JD'59
Aug. 22, 1926 – April 8, 2021

Emil Gene Stunz was born just outside of Cascade, Idaho. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy at the end of 1943, and was sent to college at the University of Washington where he graduated from the NROTC program. After being called to active duty during the Korean War, Stunz enrolled in law school here at Willamette. After graduating, Stunz became a partner with Harold Henigso at a firm now known as Stunz, Fonda, Kiyuna and Horton. While he and his wife Helen Sallee lived in Nyssa, Oregon, he was very dedicated to the community serving on the school board and later on the Oregon State School Board Association. Along with the education community Stunz was also on the Malheur Memorial Hospital Board, Irrigation District North Board of Control, and many more companies. After retiring, Stunz and his wife travelled and visited family. Survivors are his wife Helen and their four children Suzanne (Stunz) Baldwin ’70, Betsy, Laurie, and Eric.


George W. Hoyt
Mar. 26, 1936–Apr. 3, 2024

George W. HoytGeorge W. Hoyt IV of Sandy, Oregon, passed away just before midnight on April 3, 2024 in the presence of family after a brief illness, one week after celebrating his 88th birthday. He will be missed by all who knew him. George was a devoted husband to his wife of 42 years, Colleen, and lived a life marked by professional success, community service, philanthropy, and capacity building, especially for the three organizations closest to his heart - the Sandy Library, the Sunshine Division and Willamette University. He was just as comfortable in the Boardroom as he was in the weekly gathering of his friends known affectionately as the "Beer Boys."

George was 1954 graduate of Franklin High School, where he was inducted into the Order of the Kite in 2023. He attended Willamette University, graduating with a degree in economics in 1958. While at Willamette, he was a freshman glee formation leader for four years, and a member of Beta Theta Pi, where he was voted outstanding freshman and senior. After basic military training in California, George went on to serve in the Oregon National Guard through 1962. Following in his mother's footsteps, he went into media, first selling advertising for the Tigard (OR) Times. In 1960, he married Joanne McGilvra. They had two sons, Brian and Mark. After earning an MBA from the University of Oregon in 1963, George became general manager for the Times Publications in Forest Grove, Oregon.

In 1970, he and the family moved to Chicago, where he became president of Pioneer Press, a group of seventeen suburban Chicago newspapers then owned by Time Inc. After Chicago, George moved to Northern Virginia and became publisher of The Washington Star in D.C. from 1978 to 1981, and then relocated to New York City to work for Time Inc., where he was responsible for the production of several monthly magazines, including Life and Fortune. He married Colleen Mueller in 1982. The last decade of his career was spent in California as president of Lesher Communications in Contra Costa County (1985-91) and then of the San Gabriel Valley Publishing Company in Los Angeles (1991-94).

Beginning in 1989, George served on Willamette University's Board of Trustees and in that capacity became particularly involved in supporting the university's Atkinson Graduate School of Management, chairing both the school's advisory council and Trustee oversite committee for many years. In addition, he and Colleen have been benefactors of Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art since its founding in 1998 and, among other gifts, have endowed a fund to support the acquisition of contemporary Native American weaving arts.

In 1994, George and Colleen retired to Sandy, Oregon to their beloved home, the Lodge on Cedar Creek overlooking Cedar Creek. The house's two-story "lodge room" was one of George's favorite places. Especially in recent years, he spent countless hours enjoying the views of the home's gardens out of the windows, and his collection of Northwest Coast masks, carvings, and prints displayed throughout the room. Over the course of decades, George and Colleen built a substantial and important collection of contemporary Northwest Coast Native American art that they recently donated to Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art.

An avid newspaper reader, having spent his career in the publishing business, he would wait expectantly each morning for the day's newspapers to arrive and then fully read each section--often pulling tear sheets of articles or advertisements that he thought would be of interest to colleagues or friends. George could frequently be found tending the barbeque grill, whether for dinner with Colleen or a gathering of friends and family for one of their Apple Squeeze events. He appreciated the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, commenting regularly on whether Mt Hood was "out" that day. One of his favorite places to visit was Roads End on the Oregon coast where the family has had a beach house since his childhood.

George devoted his life to serving the communities where he lived and worked. While working in Washington, D.C., he volunteered at the Washington, D.C Community Foundation and the Washington, DC Cultural Alliance-where, under his leadership, the Alliance established the first half-price ticket booth in D.C. Later, while living in California, he served the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, and the United Way. After retiring to Oregon, he contributed time and treasure to the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council and the Sandy Main Street Project, a downtown revitalization initiative, as well as the Sandy Library--where he was instrumental in the 2008 the voter-supported creation of a service district providing dedicated property tax revenue to support libraries in Clackamas County. In 2008, he was named Citizen of the Year by the Sandy Chamber of Commerce. A winner of multiple awards throughout his life, George never sought out the limelight, preferring to rest on knowing that he was making a difference, impacting the organizations with which he was associated, and the individuals they served.

George carried on his mother's tradition of service to the Portland Police Bureau's Sunshine Division, a charitable organization providing emergency food and clothing relief, serving on its Board of Directors for over 20 years, including chairing the Board. He remained a member of the organization's finance committee until his death. He particularly enjoyed pack nights packing holiday food boxes. He told stories about conducting fundraisers for the Sunshine Division in high school with the help of sisters Lory Ann Burns and Martha Hanson.

George is survived by his wife, Colleen Mueller Hoyt of Sandy, Oregon, and sons, Brian S. Hoyt of Oakmont, Pennsylvania and Mark C. Hoyt of Salem, Oregon. He was preceded in death by his sisters, Lorcy Ann Burns and Martha Roean Hanson.

Joyce Ambler
Mar. 3, 1936 - Nov. 2, 2022

Joyce Ann Ambler, born Joyce Ann Hill, passed away peacefully on November 2, 2022. Joyce was born in Detroit, Michigan, and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Joyce graduated from Willamette with a B.A. in Psychology in 1958 and married John Ambler in 1959. She was a co-founder of Norfolk Psychiatric Associates, which became a thriving practice that lasted for decades. Joyce leaves behind her husband, John, and their three children whom she adored - Laurie and her husband Fred, Deborah and her husband Jason, and Mark and his wife Laura. She was blessed with six grandchildren in a six-year span: Maile, Justin and his wife Meredith, Cody, Allison, Meagan, and Emily. Joyce was beloved by them all. Joyce is also survived by her siblings Zuico Swann and Richard Hill and his spouse Carol Sue, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Mary Lou Lieser Connelly
April 29, 1926 – March 10, 2022

Mary Lou Connelly was born in Vancouver, Washington. She attended Willamette University for two years before transferring to the University of Washington. At UW she met her husband, Glenn Connelly. Mary taught kindergarten at the Episcopal Day School of St. Matthew in San Mateo for over 30 years. After retirement, Mary volunteered with Ability Path and the Coyote Point Museum Auxiliary as well as with hospice. Mary is survived by her children, Mike, Lisa, and Chris; her six grandchildren and her brother Herb.

Larry C. Martin
Dec. 20, 1936 – Aug. 13, 2021

Larry Clifford Martin was born in Dalton, Nebraska. While at Willamette, he studied political science and continued those studies at University of Oregon. He served in the Oregon Army National Guard and the Air Force Reserve while attending college. Following graduate school, he began his active-duty career as an intelligence officer in the Air Force. Survivors include his wife of 65 years, Danell; sons, Tom, Dan and Jack; and daughter, Anne.

Larry J. Buckner
July 20, 1935 – Feb. 14, 2021

Larry James Buckner was born in Parker, South Dakota. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Willamette before joining the U.S. Air Force and serving as an officer for nearly 12 years. Following his service, Larry and his family returned to the Willamette Valley. Survivors include his wife, Bonnie; and children, Marcie and Jim.

Per Helge Tonning
June 26
, 1932 – Nov. 3, 2023

Per Helge Tonning, 91, was born on June 26, 1932, in Stryn, Norway. He recently passed away on November 3, 2023, at Swedish Hospital in Issaquah. Per attended Firda Gymnas (high school) in Sandane, Norway, and later went on to study at Willamette University. He worked for St. Peter Hospital. 


Herb Talabere
Sep. 4, 1937 – Jun. 26, 2022

Herb Talabere, age 84, passed away on June 26, 2022. Herb translated his deep respect for diversity and his gentle wisdom into meaningful actions for community change throughout his work life and as a volunteer. He graduated from Willamette University with a BA in History in 1959. He then graduated from Yale Divinity School and began his career in urban ministry in a high-rise housing project in New Haven, CN. During this time, he also took part in civil rights marches in Selma and Washington DC. He moved to Syracuse, NY where he worked for the Council of Churches. His desire to be engaged in a broader approach to urban change led him to complete a master’s degree in Public Administration at Syracuse University. From there, he moved to Columbus to take a position with the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development in grant management for cities in Ohio. After several years, he fulfilled his dream of establishing his own business, selling books and small items to book and gift stores in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Just prior to retirement, he taught small business development to immigrants from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Russia at the Jewish Community Center. However, his commitment to the community did not end with retirement. He became actively engaged in the Eastmoor Civic Association, serving as president for two terms. He also was active in the Mideast Area Community Collaborative (MACC) which became the Mideast Area Commission, organizations that serve 15 neighborhoods on the east side of Columbus. Working closely with these organizations and many others, Herb worked tirelessly to establish a Special Improvement District (SID) on East Main Street which is funded by the businesses in the area and has led to many improvements. On June 7, 2022, Herb was honored for his community work with a street named “Herb Talabere Way”. A private, green burial took place at Kokosing Nature Preserve in Gambier, OH on June 30. A celebration of Herb's life was held on August 13 in Columbus, OH.

Preceded in death by his son Mark Talabere; his grandson Colin Talabere; parents Frank and Annie Talabere; sister- in-law Carol Koble. Survived by his wife of 61 years Laurel Talabere; son Andrew Talabere; daughter Deborah Talabere; daughter-in-law Tiffany Talabere; grandchildren Alexander Talabere, Kirsten Talabere, Nora Talabere, Catherine Gunckel-Talabere, Brian Talabere; great-grandchildren Gavin Kunce, Haven Horton-Kunce, Bree Talabere, Blaise Talabere; several nieces, nephews, cousins, and many friends.


Joan E. Griffis

Joan E. Griffis May 19, 1938 - Dec. 24, 2022, Joan E. Griffis, daughter of George P. and Betty Allen Griffis, died Saturday, Dec. 24, 2022, after an extended illness. Born in Portland, Ore., she graduated from Grant High School and Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. As a student at Willamette, she joined the Delta Gamma sorority. Throughout her life, she excelled at whatever endeavor she attempted, never taking anything too seriously and entertaining friends and family with a wicked sense of humor. While growing up in Portland, Joan learned to ride and care for horses, a youthful enthusiasm, at Camp Namanu, played the viola with the Portland Junior Symphony (now Portland Youth Philharmonic), and became fluent in Spanish by hosting an exchange student from Mexico and then living in Mexico herself for an extended period.


Patricia Baker-Sevcik
Jan. 23,1939 – Sep. 8, 2023

Patricia “Pat” Anne Laughlin Baker-Sevcik was born in Battle Ground, Washington, on Jan. 23, 1939, to parents Doris Randall and Robert Laughlin. She passed away on Sept. 8, 2023. Preceding her in death were her sister, Nancy Vaughan; brother, Bob Laughlin, of Vancouver; Washington; daughter, Myriam Lanther Baker Motter, of Conifer, Colorado; and stepson, Eric W. Sevcik of Beaverton, Oregon. She is survived by her husband, James “Jim” R. Sevcik, McMinnville, Oregon; stepdaughter, Martha C. Sevcik, of Beaverton, Oregon; grandson, Chase Baker; granddaughter-in-law, Rachelle Baker, of Lakewood, Colorado; granddaughter Roslyn Baker, of Boulder, Colorado; niece, Cindy Laughlin, of Scottsdale, Arizona; niece, Robin Koos, of Albany, Oregon; and adopted son, William Alex Noland, of San Francisco, California. Pat’s early years were on a dairy farm in Battle Ground. She was active in the youth group at the local church. She attended Battle Ground High School, graduating in 1957. Pat received an associate’s degree from Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, in 1959. She transferred to Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. Pat majored in literature and English with plans to teach at the secondary level. Pat and George Franklin Baker married during their senior year at Willamette University. Their daughter, Myriam Baker, was born in Salem in 1962. Pat and George Baker divorced soon after, and Pat began her teaching career in Vernonia, Oregon, from 1961 to 1963.


Robert Seeger

Robert "Bob" Seeger was born in Salem, OR to Mervin and Lola Dasch Seeger. He attended Willamette, joined the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, and went on to complete his post-doctoral studies in London. Dr. Seeger was a revered and beloved colleague of the faculty, mentor of trainees, and caring physician to patients and families at UCLA, then USC, and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Dr. Seeger's beloved wife, Melinda(Wayne), passed away in 2016. He leaves behind his loving second wife, Jane (Bodenweiser) McEldowney, his son, Jeff, Jeff's partner, Ebbie, his great brother, "Buck" Seeger, and sister-in-law, Kate MacKenzie.

Mary Ann Linforth
Aug. 24, 2022

Mary Ann graduated from Willamette in 1962. Mary Ann married Joel DeWitt in 1961 before settling in Mountain View, CA. In the mid-1970's Mary Ann received her real estate license. Mary Ann then began her administrative career in Chicago working for the Illinois CPA Society. Mary Ann will fondly be remembered by her large and extended family and friends for her fascinating conversations, her amazing style, and her bravery.

Bonnie A. Kremer
Feb. 27,1941 – Jan. 8, 2022

Bonnie Kremer was born in Coral Gables, Florida. While she was at Willamette, Kremer majored in English and was a sister in Alpha Chi Omega. Willamette is also where Bonnie met her husband Peter Kremer ‘62. Bonnie was dedicated to her family and instilled in them a love of healthy food and reading; both modeled after Bonnie’s love for each. Survivors include her husband Peter; and her daughters and sons-in-law Leslie and David Seidner and Audrey and Steve Monke.


Elaine Halnan
May 25, 1941 – May 4, 2022

Elaine Halnan was born in San Diego, California. While attending Willamette University for an English degree, Elaine was a member of Delta Gamma sorority. She began her professional life in New York City then worked for Time Life Books before returning to San Francisco. She became very active in the non-profit sector following her retirement; She mentored young girls at a Girls Inc. after school program in Oakland. She is survived by her husband William; two sisters, Suzanne and Jennie; sister-in-law, Jane; and four nephews and three nieces.

Martha Jane Boyer Saunders
March 11, 1941 – September 16, 2023

"Martha Jane Boyer Saunders of Sun City West, AZ passed away September 16, 2023, surrounded by her family. She was 82. Martha was born to the late Don and Estella Boyer, April 11, 1941, in Prairie City, Oregon. She loved growing up on the ranch, and the Boyer family was well known by all in John Day, Oregon for their contributions to the community. Martha went on to earn the crown of Pendleton Roundup Queen in 1960 and attended Willamette University. Beginning a career in San Francisco in 1966, she married the late Kevin T. Murphy and started a family of her own. By way of Seattle Washington, they eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia where they raised their three children Brian, Molly, and Matthew.


She lived for her children’s happiness and success and modeled the selfless love they each bring to their families today. Brian, his wife Christie, and their two children Kendall and Braeden. Molly, husband Troy, and their three children Hanna, Greta, and Michael; Matthew, wife Kelli, and their two children Morgan and Abby. Moving back to Oregon in 2003 and marrying Ted E. Saunders, the two eventually settled in Sun City West, Arizona. Martha developed a deep and loving relationship with her new larger family that included Ted’s son Eric and his wife Amanda, along with their children Cora and Cooper. Arizona also brought dear friends whom she valued as family. Love defined Martha. Her heart was in serving others and her family with true care for each person in her life. Her ongoing joy in life was always her family who all knew her as Nana. All carry forward her caring spirit and love for family and friends. They remain blessed by her and will forever miss their Nana. Everyone who knew her, loved her. But more defining was the way she loved each of them."

Joetta L. Cline BM'63
May 25, 1941 – May 4, 2022

Joetta Lee (Miller) Cline was born in Bandon, Oregon, on Feb. 13, 1941, the first of two children of John Richard Miller and Stella Williamson Miller. She lived her first twenty years in Coquille, Oregon. Joetta began studying piano at age six or seven, by ten she was accomplished enough that she became the “community church musician substitute” for several assemblies in the small community of Coquille. screenshot-2023-11-28-at-11.14.54am.png In high school, she was the full-time organist at the Methodist Church in town during summer break.

After graduating from Coquille High School in 1959, and Willamette University in 1963 with a degree in Music Education, Joetta taught music for 25 years in Hines, Scio, and finally, Elkton, Oregon. She and her surviving husband, Jim, were married on Sep. 8, 1962, in Coquille, Oregon. They moved to Elkton in 1970, where they lived for 50 years. They have two sons, Eric and Chris, sixteen grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren, all of whom were the joy of her life.


Dennis Wayne Thompson
Aug. 12, 2022

Dennis was born in Hoquiam, Washington in 1942. Dennis graduated from Willamette in 1964, earning a B.A. in Sociology. Dennis continued his studies at the University of Washington, completing his education with a Master's degree. Dennis advanced his career at the Marion County Juvenile Department and Department of Children's Services with the state of Oregon before pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors in the mid-1970s. Dennis is survived by his brother Melvin, wife Gerrie, children: Jeff and Ron Thompson, Ron, Dana and Scott Smith; many grandchildren and a great-grandchild.


Dale Bunse BA'65
Feb. 4, 1939 – Nov. 25, 2024

Dale Laverne Bunse passed away on November 25th, 2023. He was born in Montana, inDale Bunse February 1939, the middle child between brothers Don and Richard – the first of Geneva Sherseth and Clayton Bunse’s sons to be born in a “hospital” and the last to be born in Montana.

Over the years, all three would become artists. After spending the war years in the San Francisco Bay Area, the family relocated to Oregon and Dale attended Salem schools and then Willamette University. Dale studied painting and ceramics and spoke with great admiration for his professors, especially Carl Hall and Dr. Cameron Paulin.

He met his former wife Loie van Loben Sels at Willamette and they both then attended Arizona State University. After daughter Meta was born, Dale’s first job as an art instructor was at Maryville College in Tennessee. Dale and Loie had their son Garth before returning to the West where Dale taught art for nearly 30 years at Columbia Community College in California’s Sierra foothills. He loved the creative process and creative people and helping students discover art. He was a prolific painter and potter and founded the Clayton Gallery in Jamestown where he often hosted other artists’ shows.

Dale’s travels throughout the Western US, and trips to Europe, Mexico, South America, China, and Uzbekistan infused his teaching and his art and he enjoyed bringing those experiences, cultures, and environments into his work.

For the past 25 years Dale lived in cooler, greener Oregon. Even after retiring, he did not stop painting, sketching, throwing pots, or teaching. He volunteered many hours at the Willamette Art Center in Salem, where he could be “the old guy who knows stuff!” In Independence, he joined the River Gallery, collaborating on projects and life drawing and gallery shows with his brother Richard and dozens of other talented artists. Dale maintained a studio and home with his love, Laurie Chambreau. Throughout, he drew inspiration and joy from the rolling hills of the Willamette valley and its surrounding mountains and forests. For him, and those who went along for the ride, every bend of the road and each curve of the hill was a landscape waiting to be painted.

A memorial is planned for January 26, 2024, at the River Gallery. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to the Willamette Art Center, or make a local artist’s day and buy art!


Roger Bergmann BA'66
Feb. 3, 1944 – May 10, 2022

Roger was born in Newberg, Oregon. While attending Willamette, he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. After graduating, Roger served our Country in the United States Army until 1968. Roger then attended the University of Nevada, Reno where he earned his Masters of Business Administration and was elected as a member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. After receiving his Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, Roger received his license to practice law from the State of Nevada Supreme Court where he was a member of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America. Roger is predeceased by his brother Floyd. Roger is survived by his brother Ken; and sisters Bonnie and Barbara.


Gay-Leigh Ann (Glenn) Camp
Jun. 5, 1945 – Jan. 24, 2021

Gay-Leigh “Gay” Camp was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She graduated from Willamette with a bachelor’s degree in political science. Gay would go on to serve as the student financial aid director at Brown Institute in Minnesota, and held other administrative positions in county government and non-profit organizations in California and Colorado. Survivors include her brother-in-law, David.


Clayton Morris
Jun. 23, 1946 - Oct. 24, 2022

Rev. Dr. Clayton Morris was born on June 23, 1946, in Junction City, OR. He attended Willamette University and graduated with a B.M. in 1968. He married Mary Pacquer at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle in 1968. Clay served in numerous congregations across the U.S. ultimately settling on the east coast. Clay leaves a loving family: his daughter Andrea Cohen (Daniel Cohen), son Jonathan Morris (Gena Walker Morris), five beautiful grandchildren: Amanda Cohen, Danielle Cohen, Kaden Morris, Ryder Morris, and Quentin Morris. He was predeceased by his parents. He is also survived by his sister, Elsa Hawley (Brian), and his ex-wife, Mary Morris.


Michael Ronald Stebbins
Sep. 20, 1948 – Mar. 11, 2023

Michael Roland Stebbins, 74, died at home in North Bend, Oregon, on March 11, 2023, but only after his family finished singing his favorite John Prine and Roger Miller songs. Mike departed as he liked to live, hosting a raucous crew near a blazing fire with superb food and music.

A memorial will be held at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, March 24, 2023, at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 2250 16th Street in North Bend, followed by a reception from 4:30-8:00 p.m. at Black Market Gourmet, 495 Central Avenue in Coos Bay.

Steady, always with a plan, a sense of purpose, and leather work gloves in his pickup, Mike was a raconteur and romantic who believed in family and the dignity of the individual. He frequently wore suits to children's sporting events. A trial lawyer representing Coos County's injured workers by day, there was no time to change clothes.

Born in Seattle, Washington on September 20, 1948, to Bud, a WWII bomber pilot turned accountant, and Frances, a nurse. Mike attended Coos Catholic and North Bend High School, graduating in 1966. A lifelong supporter of Bulldog athletics, Mike played on both sides of the ball for North Bend's football team in the fall, wrestled in the winter, and played catcher on the baseball team in the spring.

Mike was a Willamette University Sigma Chi fraternity member and proud Bearcat. He played on the school's first soccer team but never got around to graduating. After departing Willamette for reasons explained only in stories too marvelous to confirm, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1971 with a History degree.

In December 1971, at Slim Otto's bar in Appleton, Wisconsin, sweaty and a few beers deep from celebrating a city league basketball win, Mike happened upon Mary Lou Welhouse, fresh out of the convent and nearly a nun. Mike inquired. Mary Lou demurred. Ever undeterred, he persevered. A notoriously slow decision-maker throughout life, it took Mike three months to ask Mary Lou to marry him. She said, "No." After getting married on July 22, 1972, at St. Aloysius Church in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, they left for Oregon in a yellow Ford Mustang packed with camping gear.

By welding fireplace parts and installing pool tables Mike paid his way through night school at the Northwestern College of Law at Lewis & Clark. He also worked for the National Lawyers Guild Prison Project in Portland before and after passing the bar, but ultimately, he couldn't resist the pull of the South Coast.

Mike practiced law in North Bend for 46 years, starting in 1975. With a window looking out into the lingerie section of the Emporium department store, the law firm Hayner, Waring & Stebbins dabbled in various areas of law and offered wills for $50 from their office at Pony Village Mall. The firm evolved into Stebbins & Coffey. Mike and his law partner, Jim Coffey, worked together for 37 years and developed a reputation as the preeminent firm serving individuals and local governments on the Southern Oregon Coast. Their former office on California Street closed in 2022 and is slated to become a visitor center for the City of North Bend. A spirited litigator throughout his career, Mike never ceased being inspired by the people he represented in Coos County. He was proud to obtain millions in compensation for "people that work in the woods and on the water."

Mike has yet to really retire. He loved mentoring young lawyers and continued to take phone calls to discuss cases even in his final weeks.

Mary Lou and Mike raised six children in North Bend. He loved books, hearing all the filthy jokes his son Mac had on offer, and completing the New York Times crossword - but only Thursday through Sunday, otherwise "too easy," so please don't waste his time. A true coastal boy, Mike fished, hunted, and played golf with his friends whenever possible. He had a decent approach game.

Mike loved holding court by the fire pit in his backyard or with passing friends while sitting in his worn leather chair facing Simpson Avenue in the "old garage." He officiated the wedding of one friend he met in this manner. He could captivate any audience with a story and loved dispensing advice, solicited or otherwise. Still, his most incredible skill was making others feel heard.

Through the years, Mike coached hundreds of South Coast kids on soccer, basketball, and softball teams. He served in the National Guard for 6 years and on the boards for St. Catherine's Nursing Home and the North Bend Community Scholarship Fund. He was barred from teaching catechism class in the 1980s for pushing the boundaries of church doctrine but served on the Parish Council anyway.

Mike is survived by his wife, Mary Lou; their children, Kate (Jeremy) Stinson, Franky (Ken) Collins, Jane Stebbins, Mac (Haylee) Stebbins, Hank (Emily) Stebbins, and Duke (Kailee) Stebbins. In addition, he is survived by his brother, Dale (Donna) Stebbins; and sisters, Jean (Tom) McKnight and Kathi (Howard) Hintz, and their children, all of whom held a special place in Mike's heart.



Alison Daines Brown
Mar. 21, 1949 – Feb. 13, 2023

Alison was born on March 21st, 1949 in Boise, Idaho to Gordon Daines and Lucy Cutler Daines. She was the youngest of three children born to the couple, which included Joseph Gordon (Pete) Daines of Boise, Idaho and Holly Daines Underwood of Wenatchee, Washington.

Alison attended schools in Boise and graduated from Borah High School in 1967. She attended Willamette University and received a degree in Political Science. In college, she became a member of the Chi Omega sorority. While there she made and maintained friendships that lasted the rest of her life. A pattern that was to be repeated over and over throughout her lifetime. Although she would have a lifelong love of politics her true passion lay in helping students from all walks of life. In 1976 she received her master's degree in Speech Pathology from Portland State University. Alison was hired as a Speech Pathologist for the Hood River County School District in 1977. She was noted for her warmth, generosity, and compassion which she used to grow working and personal friendships that lasted well past her 30-year career.

She was also known by her family to stay up well into the night creating individualized lessons for each of her many students. Alison and her husband, Ross Allen Brown, were married in Boise on November 15th, 1980. Their son, Ben, was born in 1982, followed by their daughter, Kaitlin, in 1986. Over the course of their 42-year marriage, Ross and Alison enjoyed watching their children participate in their various community ed sports from basketball to swim team. There were also Thanksgiving trips to Boise to see family and a 25-year tradition of camping at Lost Lake every Labor Day weekend.

Alison is survived by her husband of 42 years, Ross, and her two children, Benjamin Robert Brown and Kaitlin Daines Brown, as well as Ben’s wife Jena Flatau, and their child Nora Grace Flatau-Brown. She is also survived by her brother Gordon and his wife Susan, and sister Holly and her husband Todd as well as too many friends to count. In lieu of flowers donations for a memorial bench can be made care of Anderson’s Tribute Center or to the SMART reading program of Hood River County Schools where Alison was involved and loved to read.


Robin Duggan
Jan. 29, 1950 – Mar. 16, 2024

Robin, a Chi Omega, was a resident of Mountain View, California, and is survived by her husband of fifty years, Kevin Duggan, and her two children, Julie Duggan Pieron, and Andrew Duggan. She is also survived by her sister, Linda Walker Kelly 69’, her niece Sarah Kelly Kaster ‘98, and her nephew Tyler Kelly ‘03.

Craig Henry Wisti
Feb. 28, 1950 – Mar. 8, 2023

craig henry wistiCraig Henry Wisti was born and raised in North Bend. Craig’s parents were George A. Wisti and Erros M. Wisti.

Craig attended Willamette University, where he graduated with a degree in biology in 1972. After two years of graduate school, he found his ideal job working with young people in an educational setting. Craig loved working with his students, and enjoyed helping them achieve more than they thought they could. He was a firm, but caring teacher. He received various teaching awards.

Craig is survived by his loving wife, Sara; his children, Ann and Erick (Alisha); grandchildren, Emma and Henry; and brothers, Bob and John (Joani) Wisti.

Caroline Dye
Oct. 31, 1948 – Jun. 19, 2021

Caroline Dye was born in Walla Walla, Washington. Before coming to Willamette, she studied English and literature at Vassar College in New York. Following graduation, Caroline spent most of her career as a librarian for the Eugene Public Library, Albany Public Library and Oregon State University. She was a prolific reader and an accomplished pianist, even competing in OSU Bands Concerto Competitions. Caroline is survived by her brother, Peter.


Terry E. Cato
Aug. 8, 1953 - Sep. 8, 2022

Terry was born in Orange, CA to parents Robert and Bobbie Cato. Terry attended Willamette before enlisting with the Army and completed basic training at the U.S. Army Center in Fort Orford, CA in June of 1974. He was stationed in Germany and worked as an analyst in the Army Security Agency during his four years of service. Terry returned to Oregon and worked at Oregon State University, Target Distribution Center, and Selmet, Inc. before starting his own small business, Bumper Talk, an online bumper sticker store. Terry will be remembered for his soft demeanor, intellectual mind, quick wit, and fondness for his beloved parakeet, JoJo. Terry is preceded in death by his mother, Bobbie Cato; and father, Robert Cato. Terry is survived by his brother, Derral Hunt; and sisters: Benji Cato and Jami (Rick) Kenyon; all of Albany. He leaves behind one niece and three nephews.


Elizabeth Rose Carey
Feb. 11, 1955 -  June 14, 2023

Elizabeth Rose CareyBeth was born February 11, 1955, at Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis Oregon. She died of cancer on June 14, 2023, at home in Vancouver Washington with husband Bob & daughter Carrie at her side.

Beth was raised on a grass seed farm in Halsey Oregon, with Margaret Carey (mother), Bob Carey (father), Bill Carey (brother). She graduated from Central Linn High School in 1974 and attended Willamette University where she received a bachelor’s degrees in music performance and early childhood education in 1977. She received her Master of Music at the University of Portland in 1996. Beth began her career in Port Orford, Oregon in 1977, teaching music at elementary and middle schools. In 1979, she relocated to Albany, Oregon and ran a Yamaha music school until 1987, at which time she moved to Portland, Oregon and worked at a Yamaha music school in Lake Oswego. She joined the Portland Opera and the Opera Players, where she was able to share her love of music at area schools and community events. She met Bob Lawson in June 1988, and after a short courtship they were married on December 17, 1988. They moved to Vancouver, Washington where she taught music for the Vancouver School District from 1990 until 2014. On October 14, 1993, Carrie Elizabeth Lawson completed the family.

Beth loved singing and teaching. She sang in many productions and was a soloist in church. Beth loved classical, opera and jazz. Her album in 2019 titled Liebe und Leben: Love and Life contains songs following a woman’s life, the first set is classical followed by jazz songs with the same theme. In January 2023 she recorded 12 classical church songs arranged by Brenda Portman, with Martin Ellis and Linda Bergman. These music videos and more will be available on YouTube @ElizabethCareyLawson. She was a member of The Frustrated Maestros, a musical group with Family Motor Coach association. She sang and played both the keyboard and guitar at the rallies. She first met this group in Albany and with the motorhome she and Bob were able to attend rallies in Indio California, Tucson Arizona, and Minot North Dakota. Beth spent the last week before her death singing in a rally in Albany Oregon.

Beth is survived by her husband Robert L. Lawson Jr., her brother Will Carey and her daughter Carrie Elizabeth Lawson. Her funeral was held on August 19, 2023, at St Luke’s San Lucas in Vancouver, Washington.


Martin Butkovich
Jan. 27, 1958 – Mar. 8, 2022

Martin Butkovich was born in Roslyn, WA. While at Willamette University, Martin played baseball and received his master's in counseling and Psychology. After WU, he lived in Spokane and earned his retirement by working as regional administrator for Washington State in various health services positions for over 35 years. He is survived by his mother Jean, his two daughters Carly and Kennedy, his sister Lisa, and four nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his father John and his brother Benny.

Mary Christine Beal
May. 14, 1957 - Apr. 13, 2023

Mary, 65. died at McKenzie Manor Memory Care in Eugene on April 13, 2023 after a two year struggle with her health following a debilitating stroke. Mary was born in Salem, Oregon, the youngest of four children of parents Donna Beal and Paul Beal. She graduated from North High, briefly attended Willamette University while living on the North Fork of the Santiam River in the family cabin and then attended UCLA in Video Production and got her doctorate from OSU.

James Bryan Fallon
Sep. 9, 1957 - Jan. 7, 2023

James Bryan Fallon was born September 9, 1957 in Salem, Oregon to Nancy (Barton) Fallon and Kenneth Fallon. When he was young, his family moved to Lincoln City, where he grew up. Jim graduated from Taft High School as salutatorian in 1975. He went on to earn a B.A. in Physics, from Willamette University in Salem, a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California and an MBA in Finance and Strategic Planning, from The Wharton School, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. In junior high, Jim made his choice to serve God at Boring convention. He remained true to that choice throughout his lifetime. This focus on trying to do God’s will brought wonderful joy and many precious moments into his life. In 1976 Jim met Karin. They both were attending Willamette University and would go to every gospel meeting they could find from Portland to Eugene, after all, Jim had a car! After graduation, Karin got a job teaching at Creswell High School and Jim went on to Stanford. After he graduated (with distinction) they got married on June 28, 1980, in Dorena Oregon. Jim’s first job was for Unocal Corporation, working as a Petroleum Engineer in Santa Rosa. After three years Jim and Karin were transferred to Manila, Philippines where he continued his work for another three years. Both in Santa Rosa and in Manila, Jim and Karin treasured times with friends, family, and with their ministers who were spreading the Gospel story. Jim and Karin enjoyed traveling, walking, eating, reading, and visiting. Jim was the master of beautiful spreadsheets and organization. He seemed to be able to get a grasp on the big picture and make sure things made good sense.


Thomas Kelly Okai
December 25, 1957 – May 30, 2022

Thomas Kelly Okai, 64, passed away on May 30, 2022 at home. He was born to Tom and Helen (Kondo) Okai on December 25, 1957, in Nyssa, OR.Tommy attended school in Adrian, OR where he was student body president and was active in basketball, football, track and FFA. He also obtained his private pilot license while in high school. He attained his B.S. from Willamette University. While at Willamette he entered their student exchange program and studied in Japan and earned his blackbelt in Judo.

Tommy received his law degree from California Western School of Law in San Diego, CA. After graduating, he returned to the Treasure Valley and worked at two law firms before starting his own law practice "Okai Law Office-P.C." in Ontario OR. Tommy was appointed Judge Pro Tempore in June of 2000 and served in that capacity for three years.

Tommy was an avid fisherman. He went on several trips to Alaska fishing for king salmon on the Nushagak River, taking many friends with him. During the summer, you would find him fly fishing for trout or fishing for crappie. During the winters, he could be found fishing for steelhead on the Salmon River near Riggins, ID in his jet boat.

Tommy is survived by his sister, Terri Iseri, a niece and nephew, Kylie and Cam Iseri, three aunts and numerous cousins. He was preceded in death by his father, Tom Okai, Sr. Tommy's mother, Helen Okai, passed on November 11, 2022.


Julie Reid née mellor
June 6, 1933 – October 28, 2023 

Julie died at home in Alhambra, ca. following a short span of illness. She is survived by her daughter, Leslie , niece, Karen and her numerous friends and associates.



Christopher Zahniserchristopher_zahniser
April. 17, 1977 – October. 1, 2023 

Christopher “Z” Zahniser died suddenly Sunday, October 1st, 2023 at his Forest Grove home. He was 46 years old. Cause of death was determined to have been an aortic aneurysm and cardiac tamponade.

Chris was known for being determined and passionate. A 23-year employee of Intel, he was one of the rare technicians who made the jump to engineering. Working in Metals and Life Safety, Chris was a consummate problem solver who would doggedly focus on problems until they were resolved. He enjoyed his most recent position as a Life Safety Engineer; he happily learned many new skills to support his engineering team.

At home, he was enthusiastic about many hobbies, most famously Star Wars. He enjoyed running Star Wars roleplaying games for his friends and family, as well as being a player in other’s games. He loved to create original costumes for cosplay and was a regular attendee of Portland’s Rose City Comic Con. This year, he achieved a long-held goal and attended San Diego Comic Con for the first time with his family.

In addition to the costuming arts, Chris was passionate about martial arts. Chris studied Kempo karate and Wu Shi Dao under Masters Uriel Villa and Warren Allen, respectively. This year he achieved his 3rd degree black belts in both arts. For the last two years, Chris had been teaching Kempo karate out of his home to close friends. Always looking for more things to learn, Chris recently enrolled in a local Jiu-Jitsu school.

Chris will be loved and missed by many. He is preceded in death by his mother, Connie and aunt, Lynda, and father figure, Howard. He is survived by his partner-in-crime of 15 years, Sarah Zahniser; their sons, Zack and Cai; his father and step-mother, Stephen and Paula of Boise, ID; his aunts, Mary Ellen Mueller of Sacramento, CA and Val Sewald of Kihei, HI; his uncle and aunt, Patrick and Deb Puckett of Weldon, CA; his sister, Jessica of Keizer, OR; his sister and brother-in-law, Amy and Rick Harris also of Keizer, OR; his sister in spirit and her husband, Doris and Kenny Carlisle of CA; his nephews, Jake and Liam; and his nieces, Echo and Elysia.

A memorial service will be held on November 9th from 4 pm-9 pm at McMenamin’s Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.


Matthew J. Bicocca
Aug. 1, 1985 – Mar. 28, 2022

Matthew Bicocca was born in Jackson, California. He continued his education at Willamette University where he played football and baseball and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. After graduating, Matthew earned a spot in USC’s medical school, Keck School of Medicine, where he earned his MD. Matthew next traveled to Texas for an OB-Gyn residency at the University of Texas/Methodist Hospital, where he was elected Chief Resident during his final year and offered a fellowship in his chosen specialty of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at UT. He is survived by his wife, Yvonne; stepson, Samuel de Llano; and parents, Vince and Barbara Bicocca.

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