Manuel Izquierdo Creating a Sculpture of a Shepherd (1963)

  • Excerpt from the film Northwest Four and Two, ca. 1963
  • Directed by Nelson Sandgren, filmed by William D. Lesher
  • With financial support from the Oregon State University Graduate School

This film shows Manuel Izquierdo in the process of creating the painted terra cotta sculpture of a shepherd from 1963, exhibited in the Hallie Ford Museum of Art exhibition "Manuel Izquierdo: Myth, Nature, and Renewal" (Jan. 19 - March 24, 2013). In its entirety, the film Northwest Four and Two documents four painters (Demetrios Jameson, Carl Hall, George Josanovic, and Nelson Sandgren) and two sculptors (Martha Glogau and Izquierdo) at work in their studios. The digitized version of the film, from which this segment is excerpted, has been made available by Erik Sandgren, the son of Nelson Sandgren, for the Pacific Northwest Artists Archive at WillametteUniversity.

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