Oregon Supreme Court

Opinions Filed in June 2022

Lowell v. Wright

The First Amendment public comment defense applies when the speech involves a public concern and can be examined using a true-false analysis. Neumann v. Liles, 358 Or 706, 714 (2016).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Tort Law

Querbach v. Dept. of Human Services

“ ‘Reasonable cause’ is a subjectively and objectively reasonable belief, given all of the circumstances and based on specific and articulable facts.” OAR 413-015-0115(58).

Area(s) of Law:
  • Administrative Law

Abraham v. Corizon Health, Inc.

Pursuant to ORS 659A.400(2), “public accommodation does not include . . . a local correction facility . . . [or] an institution, bona fide club or place of accommodation that is in its nature distinctly private.”

Area(s) of Law:
  • Civil Law

Robinette v. SAIF

ORS 656.214 defines “impairment” as “the loss of use or function of a body part or system due to the compensable industrial injury.”

Area(s) of Law:
  • Workers Compensation

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