Sexual Assault Response Advocates

SARA is a network of trained, unbiased peer advocates who provide CONFIDENTIAL support, resources, and education to all members of the Willamette University community who have experienced sexual or domestic harassment, assault, or violence, directly or indirectly.

Survivor/Victim Centered Approach

Everyone is affected by power-based violence, and there are many groups that must work together in reducing this problem. The SARA program is one vital part of this movement, and in order to be most effective, we stay focused on our specific role. That role is to provide services and support to survivors and victims. We do this by abiding by the following beliefs:

  • Sexual or domestic violence is never the survivor’s fault.
  • Perpetrators choose to commit sexual or domestic violence.
  • It is a survivor’s choice how they move forward, including but not limited to whether or not they access medical help, whether or not they choose to report, and if or how they choose to interact with the perpetrator.
  • The GRAC and SARAs are a place where survivors feel heard, believed, and validated.

If you or someone you know was sexually assaulted at any time, if you want someone to explain reporting processes and prosecutorial systems at Willamette University, if you want information about confidential counseling resources and free medical treatment in the Salem area and on campus, or if you simply want someone to listen, to believe you, and know that it was absolutely not your fault, please contact us. We are here for you.

Our mission is to help victims of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or stalking and their support systems. Our services are private, flexible, and confidential. If you are not comfortable meeting in the Gender Resource and Advocacy Center, please email to set up an alternative time and location.

We can talk to you over the phone or in person.


Contact Information and Hours

SARA Hotline (503-851-4245)

The hotline can be accessed during our hours at the Gender Resource and Advocacy Center. Our current hours are:
Monday 6-8pm
Tuesday  6-8pm
Wednesday 6-8pm
Thursday 6-8pm

Become a SARA!

We are not currently hiring but if you are interested in applying at a later time, please email to be contacted when applications are available.

Willamette University

Gender Resource and Advocacy Center (GRAC)

Montag Loft
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
GRAC: 503-370-6728
Sexual Assault Response Advocates Hotline: 503-851-4245
Confidential Advocate: 503-375-5361

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