The Willamette University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged with ensuring that research involving human and animal participants at Willamette University is in accordance with current federal guidelines. Information related to research questions, as well as application access, for both human and animal research, is available through the relevant links in the column index on the left. Questions about the Willamette University IRB or IRB procedures should be directed to the committee chair, Dr. Michael Lockard (

Note: Application for review of research proposals and IRB approval must occur prior to initiation of research activity. Ex post facto approval is not possible.

The IRB at Willamette University reviews applications from its faculty, staff, and students. Although collaborative research between members of the Willamette community and those of outside institutions is supported and encouraged, the IRB does not review or approve applications from individuals who do not have an affiliation with WU.

Any research that involves collecting data from the Willamette University population of students, faculty, or staff – whether through voluntary selection into research or based on Willamette records or other information systems – is subject to the formal review and approval of the Office of Institutional Research (in addition to IRB approval). Inquiries about this policy should be directed to Dr. Kelley Strawn, Associate Provost for Institutional Research ( or Jamie Hart, assistant to the Policy & Compliance Committee (


Beginning with the 2019-2020 academic year, the IRB will be available to review applications throughout the calendar year. However, researchers need to be aware that the timelines for review of applications received during the end-of-year and summer breaks may be longer than that noted above and plan accordingly.

Thus, to ensure timely review, researchers are encouraged to submit applications prior to the end of each semester as listed below.

Fall: 2nd Friday in November

Spring: 1st Friday in April

NOTE: Researchers need to be aware that the IRB receives the greatest number of applications in the Fall semester in late October/early November and in late April/early May for Spring semester (Spring applications include Carson and Lilly Grants, as well as for summer research programs such as iHSi and SCRP). Therefore, early submission is encouraged to avoid any unnecessary delays in the review process due to the volume of applications received at these times.
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