What is the Language Learning Center?

The Language Learning Center is an integration of the resources and staffing we offer. There is no tangible center, but instead The Center represents an online environment of services and personal communications with the world languages faculty, staff, and students.

The Center is...

An important learning resource for students

Support for the six modern and three classical languages offered as well as software and support provided for additional languages.

An important resource for faculty

Academic technology, instructional technology, digital learning pedagogy, curricular design, and assessment for all faculty.

Online support for Language Tutoring

Tutoring sign-up through WISE, maintenance of language spaces and blogs.

Reaching across disciplines

The DLS provides guidance and reference materials to support global education programs, as well as for non-language faculty and students engaged in self-directed study.

Willamette University

Digital Learning Studio

Ford Hall 101
900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.

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