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Book Blitz the Bearcat for your event!

Things to consider when booking Blitz:

Things to consider when booking Blitz:

  • Your event’s date, time, and location
  • A "resting room" near the event — not a restroom — that has been reserved for Blitz so that they can take periodic breaks
  • Cost: $10 an hour for appearances and events

Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance of your event. Last minute requests will always be considered, but they may not be accommodated due to Blitz's busy schedule.

Blitz the Bearcat's Return to Campus Plan - Fall 2020:

  • Blitz and their handler will both wear masks while they’re out and about at events.
  • Blitz is required to take a break after every 15-30 minutes of performing.
  • Blitz will not give or receive high-fives or hugs.
  • Blitz and their handler will maintain social distancing, and they will signal a community member who has gotten too close to take a few steps back.
  • Blitz is available and excited to Zoom into virtual community events!

Questions about booking Blitz? Contact the Blitz coordinator or advisor Marwa Al Khamees.

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