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Lifelong Relationships, Connections, and Memories

Become a part of a tight-knit community and support group. With an ongoing, continuous open-bidding recruitment process, you can join at any time with no pressure. The people you’ll meet in our fraternity and sorority chapters are more than just friends– they’ll be your brothers and sisters for life.

Leadership Positions with Real-World Applications

Hold leadership positions that will leave you with relevant skills to benefit you beyond just your college years. With countless opportunities to serve in a leadership role, you’ll contribute to the responsibility, accountability, and wellness of fraternity and sorority life here at Willamette.

Philanthropy and Service Work

Each of our chapters take part in unique philanthropy subjects– from women’s heart health, to raising money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, and more. When you join one of our fraternity or sorority chapters, you will have the opportunity to contribute to causes you care about, with the people you love.

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