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Students for Sustainability is a student-led program that works to make sustainability accessible to all WU students throughout their collegiate experience, with the hope that students will continue sustainable practices beyond Willamette. We offer activities and events that bring ideas and practices of sustainability into various areas of student life, such as professional development, academics, leadership skills development, and community. 


We aim to offer professional development opportunities that best promote your pathway in careers that involve sustainability. To do this, we offer:

  • Monthly talks with local and/or alum sustainability professionals about their fields.
  • Monthly networking lunch events with local sustainability professionals.

Check the calendar to see when these events are!

The academic pathways branches serves to help you explore your education at Willamette with a focus on sustainability, adjustable to your choosing. To do that, we offer:

  • Talks with professors about about how they and other faculty in their department incorporate sustainability into their courses and research.
  • Talks with professors and alumni to learn about how a degree in their field would prepare you to contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Monthly discussions with faculty about their department’s curriculum and research opportunities.

Check the calendar to see when these events are!

Leadership roles are integral to Willamette's community. Students for Sustainability offers many ways to get involved, including:

  • Student-led zero-waste teams in residence communities, supervising efforts such as composting.
  • Links to civic engagement opportunities at the Capitol and beyond.
  • Bi-weekly group meetings open to everyone to foster a community focused on sustainability efforts.

Check the calendar to see when these events are!

Willamette students clock many hours of service work during their time here. Students for Sustainability aims to offer ways to focus those service hours to sustainability efforts, not just environmental, but social as well. Opportunities include:

  • A connection with other on-campus student organizations with shared values, such as Food Recovery Network, La Chispa, Zena Farm, the Outdoor Program, Food Pantry, and several others.
  • A close partnership with the Center for Service Learning to increase accessibility of opportunities involving sustainability.
  • Hosting on-campus events to spread sustainability awareness in fun, engaging, and educational ways.

Check the calendar to see when these events are!

Check our calendar for upcoming events related to sustainability!

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