• 2015 Best Law School Rankings

    2015 Best Law School Rankings

    U.S. News and World Report: Willamette law jumps 28 spots

    Successful job placement contributes to the law school’s 28-spot jump in the U.S. News and World Report Best Law School Rankings.   Read More

  • Real World Experience

    Work with refugees, political detainees and other clients who depend on Willamette’s Clinical Law Program to secure them justice.  Read More

  • Access

    We’re the only law school located across the street from the state legislature, Supreme Court, department of justice and other state agencies.  Read More

  • Alumni

    We count six Oregon Supreme Court justices, a Washington State governor, a U.S. senator and numerous judges and prominent lawyers among our alums.  Read More

  • Affordable

    At Willamette University College of Law you will receive a high quality private legal education priced at a competitive tuition that is lower than most of our West Coast competition.  Read More

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Please fill out our Viewbook and/or Visit request form to contact the Law Admission Office to request a view book, schedule a visit to the College of Law or obtain more information about the application and admission process.

At Willamette, our law students come from many walks of life and bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to the classroom. They possess both traditional and nontraditional majors. They have been employed in every sector of the workforce -public, private, government, military, domestic and international. They have engaged in an impressive array of volunteer work and community service on every continent. And they will be your future colleagues, mentors and support after graduation.

Willamette prides itself in helping our students achieve academic and professional success in an intellectual environment that is supportive, encouraging, and maximizes each student's unique potential.

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