Academy Families

Parents and Guardians Using Education & Networking To Empower Students

The Family Program is specifically designed to empower the parents/guardians of Academy students to:

  • advocate for their student’s academic needs,
  • support their educational goals,
  • bridge the generational gap that exists between them and their students

This program promotes a community and support network among families and serves as a bridge between students, their families and the Academy in the students’ pursuit of higher education. The program features workshops, trips, and other opportunities that aim to support parents and guardians of college-bound students.

The Family Program is designed to address what parents need to know about their students’ needs at each grade level. Events are planned to complement the Academy’s age-specific student programming. Some of the resources are designed only for parents/guardians, while others are for the whole family.

Check back soon for an updated schedule of events!


Families are expected to participate in the Family Program for all five years. While the vast majority of the workshops, trips and/or meetings are optional opportunities, families should expect there to be approximately 3 meetings per year that will be required.

Families play a vital role in their student’s success in reaching college!