Center for Asian Studies

The Center for Asian Studies at Willamette University unites scholars who share an interest in Asia's people and cultures.

The center engages the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Law and the Atkinson Graduate School of Management through symposiums, research and other interdisciplinary activities. It partakes in community outreach, and it hosts visiting professors and artists from China, Korea and other Asian countries.

Through a summer research grant, the center provides ongoing funding to student and faculty projects. In past years, grant recipients have studied martial arts among Chinese, college-aged students. They’ve traveled to India to engage in fieldwork, and they’ve helped a Japanese calligrapher teach classes at Tokyo International University (TIU) and Tokyo International University of America (TIUA).

On occasion, the center also helps students study an Asian language through an intense, summer program in Asia or an established program at an American university. 

How do we define "Asian" in our work?

We define “Asian” broadly to include all parts of Asia, the Pacific Islands and Asian diasporas.