Intercollegiate Debate

British Parliamentary Debate

British Parliamentary Debate is the most popular form of debate in the world, with numerous tournaments in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Canada. Over the course of the last few years, the British Parliamentary Debate is steadily gaining popularity in the United States and Willamette University intends to be a leader in this form of debate as well as in American Parliamentary Debate.

British Parliamentary Debate consists of four, two-person teams. As in American Parliamentary Debate, debaters learn their topics approximately 15 minutes prior to the debate and topics change from debate to debate. Rather than a simple win-loss decisions, teams receive points based on a ranking of 1 to 4.

Willamette University has developed a serious British Parliamentary Debate program and last year our team of Edward McGlone and Greg Alderson reached the quarterfinals at the U. S. Universities Championship at the University of Denver. In future years, we intend to continue to participate in this form of debate and strengthen our program in this area.