Transfer Credits and Course Loads

Most Willamette courses carry one (1) credit; some courses are worth one-half (.5) or one-quarter (.25) credit. While you are considered a full-time student if you enroll in at least three credits per semester, the normal course load per semester is four credits in "solid" subjects. [NOTE: One Willamette credit is equal to four semester hours; one-half and one-quarter credits are worth two and one semester hour(s) respectively.] In addition to the normal load of four "solid" courses, you may add in a partial credit course (.25 to .5) as well, for a total of up to four and one-half credits per semester. If you are taking an ensemble or activity course (Chamber Orchestra or Aerobics, for example) which has an "X" as part of the course number, you may add this above the 4.5 credits in a semester without incurring an additional tuition charge.

As you plan your fall schedule, keep in mind that you must have a total of 31 credits (124 semester hours) in order to graduate.


  • WR TRAN = 1st Writing Requirement
  • GEN QA1 = (*) Q/A Requirement
  • GEN QA2 = Q/A Requirement
  • GEN NW = Understanding the Natural World
  • GEN CA = Creating in the Arts
  • GEN AR = Analyzing Arguments, Reasons & Values
  • GEN TH = Thinking Historically
  • GEN IT = Interpreting Texts
  • GEN US = Understanding Society
  • GEN 001 (and above) = General Elective Credit
  • MUSC 001 (and above) = General Elective Credit in Music

Important Notes:

  1. The Registrar’s Office does not give equivalencies for Major requirements. When you declare a major the department will determine your credits toward the major.
  2. The Transfer Equivalency Report shows all transfer courses that we have accepted, but will only show equivalent credit for the maximum amount of credit allowed. We only allow a maximum of 16 credits by transfer.
  3. Junior transfers may petition to have one course approved as writing-centered. Petitions must be submitted during the student's first semester at Willamette.
  4. Questions regarding transfer credits should be directed to the Registrar's Office at 503-370-6206 or