Program Information

The International Studies major is offered through an interdisciplinary program which integrates social, economic, political, geographic, and historical perspectives in the examination of the dramatic trends toward increased interdependence among nations. It seeks to develop an awareness of the fact that many problems or issues which have been regarded as primarily domestic can no longer be understood or resolved without consideration of the global context. The program also aims to provide majors with a recognition of the importance of cultural diversity, through grounding in a specific foreign culture and language, as an essential complement to the international courses in the curriculum.

International Studies majors are strongly encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

The International Studies major is prepared to enter graduate training in various fields of international relations and area specialization. Careers in international business and government are often sought as well as careers in teaching, journalism and related fields. The major is good preparation for entry into a variety of graduate programs.

Requirements for the International Studies Major (12 Credits)

Core courses (3)

3rd Year Foreign Language (2)

Elective Courses from Economics, History and Politics (7)

Economics (2)

History (3) (at least two above 100-level)

  • HIST 116 (TH) Western Civilization Since 1650
  • HIST 118 (TH) East Asia Civilization Since 1800
  • HIST 119 (TH) Introduction to Modern African History
  • HIST 254 (TH) 20th Century Europe
  • HIST 255 (TH) Cities and the Making of Modern Europe: 1750 to Present
  • HIST 258 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 273 Africa Since 1945
  • HIST 282 (TH) China in Revolution
  • HIST 360W Expressive Cultures in African History
  • HIST 372 History of Modern Russia
  • HIST 381 (TH) History of Modern Japan
  • HIST 383 Mao's China 1949-1979
  • HIST 390W (4th Sem Lang Req) Germany from Bismarck to Hitler
  • HIST 391 (4th Sem Lang Req) Germany Since 1945
  • HIST 440W (TH) History of Modern Socialism
  • HIST 445 Postwar Japan

Politics (2) (at least one 300 level)

  • POLI 216 (US) Politics of Advanced Industrial Societies
  • POLI 218 (US) Politics in the Developing World
  • POLI 316 The Politics of International Justice
  • POLI 326W Globalization and Equity
  • POLI 362 Latin American Politics
  • POLI 370W Europe and the International System
  • POLI 372 (TH) American Foreign Policy
  • POLI 373 International Security and Cooperation
  • POLI 374 Asia and the International System OR POLI 380 Asian Politics and Development
  • POLI 382 (US) Capitalism, & Democracy
  • POLI 384 Transnational Feminist Politics
  • POLI 386 (EV) Political Ecology
  • POLI 387 Africa and the World

Courses taught on a one-time basis, or special topics course in Economics, History, or Politics that contain significant international content may be counted towards the relevant elective set.