What is justice? What is the best way to live? What are the connections between the mind and body? How can we tell which of our beliefs are true? Willamette’s philosophy program explores these and other questions critical to the human experience.

Our faculty members have a wide breadth of knowledge in such areas as existentialism, feminist philosophy, theories of knowledge, logic, philosophy of art, political philosophy and the philosophy of language. This expertise is reflected in our curriculum, which emphasizes careful argument combined with insight and imagination.

As a result, philosophy students develop the superior critical thinking skills that enable them to pursue a wide range of career paths after graduation. Recent alumni have joined the diplomatic service and have gone on to practice law or work in the tech industry. One has become a reporter with National Public Radio and another serves as a Justice on Oregon’s Supreme Court.

Beyond enriching one’s life profoundly, few disciplines can boast of preparing graduates for such diverse careers, which may be why The London Times called philosophy "the ultimate ‘transferable work skill'."