End-of-Year Luncheon and May, 2013 AGM Meeting Minutes


• Executive Director Ken Panck welcomed ICL members to the End-of-Year Luncheon and introduced guests Kathleen Kellay and Liesa Kister from the Scheduling Department.

• He then called on Social Services Directors Oddny Everson and Karen Bender to give the “ground rules” for the luncheon.

• Members then enjoyed an excellent lunch.


• After the luncheon Ken Panck called the AGM to order.

• He introduced the outgoing Board members, invited them to the front of the auditorium, and thanked them for their service. He presented outgoing Board members Oddny Everson and Karen Bender with certificates of appreciation and gift certificates.

• He then asked all ICL members who had contributed during the year by giving a presentation or serving on a committee, to stand, and thanked them also.

Ken then called on Mark Kasoff, Chair of the Nominating Committee to introduce the nominees for the 2013-4 Board:

–Executive Director: Ken Panck (Incumbent)
–Curriculum: Peter Rasmussen & Tom Zook (Incumbents)
–University Support Services: Hardin King (Incumbent)
–Financial Services: Charlene Robbins (Incumbent)
–Secretarial Services: Jyl McCormick (Incumbent)
–Membership Services: Louise Schroeder & Eunice Porter (Incumbents)
–Information Services: Peter Ronai (Incumbent)
–Social Services: Sharon Dearman & Sandy Colburn

• The full slate of nominees was elected by acclamation.

Ken announced this year’s ICL gifts to Willamette University:

–Hudson Book Fund: $1,500
–Willamette Academy: $1,500
–College of Liberal Arts Unrestricted Fund: $1,500 (used for scholarships, salaries, maintenance and upgrades to the campus, and for student and faculty research)

Ken then took the opportunity to explain again the basis of the ICL dues increase, for the benefit of those members who missed his previous explanation in class.

Ken then announced the Phil Hanni Student Scholar Program, whereby the six best student research papers would be selected each year for presentation to ICL, and the selected students would each be awarded $300.

Peter Rasmussen then showed a video tribute to Phil Hanni and his pivotal role in the academic development of ICL.


Ken announced that there would be a Board meeting immediately after the AGM, to include both the old and new Board members.
• After some additional announcements, including an announcement of the Annual ICL Summer Picnic at Minto-Brown Island Park on August 15, Ken adjourned the meeting.