Business Lawyering Institute

The Business Lawyering Institute at Willamette Law was founded in 2017.

The Business Lawyering Institute trains future lawyers in the art and practice of business lawyering. The BLI also provides a space where business executives and lawyers convene to share best practices, identify trends, and explore synergies for successful business strategies.

The BLI has four guiding principles.

  1. Good lawyers are good problem solvers and value-added partners and collaborators with their clients. They aren't just experts in the law.
  2. Good lawyers need to understand the broad context, business or otherwise, in which legal issues arise.
  3. Ethics and professionalism, including a commitment to diversity, are central to the profession and to the Willamette ethos.
  4. Effective legal advocates need to develop lawyering skills, in addition to legal expertise, and should begin to do so as early as possible.

The BLI will implement those principles through new and existing courses, experiential learning opportunities, collaborative events, networking, a dedicated space, and additional resources. Outstanding BLI student Fellows assist the BLI in obtaining student input on proposals, plans, and ideas for additions, as well as provide information to other students of the BLI and Fellowship Program.