Information for Exchange Students

Congratulations for being nominated by your school to participate in the Willamette MBA exchange program.

We are happy to provide information you will need as you plan for your semester as an exchange student at Willamette.

Be sure to contact us with your questions. Email Beth Ursin, Asistant Dean, at You will also be working with Chris Andresen, Associate Director of International Education, about visa and health insurance information. Chris can be reached at

We will keep you up-to-date and informed throughout the coming months. The entire Willamette University Atkinson School community looks forward to welcoming you to WU!


Application Form and Financial Documents
Be sure to complete and submit our Application for International Exchange Students and the Financial Certification Form by the appropriate deadline: October 15 for Spring Semester and May 15 for Fall Semester (along with all supplementary materials). These forms provide the information we need to help you apply for a visa to the U.S., register for courses, and more.

Your Financial Certification form should document the current availability of $8,000 (U.S) in funds. The documented amount estimates living expenses, personal expenses, insurance, books, etc. for your stay at Willamette University, and does not include the cost of a laptop or round-trip plane tickets to your home country.

Mail documents and supporting information to:

Beth Ursin
Assistant Dean
Willamette University MBA
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301
Fax #: 503-370-3011

Willamette Student Identification Number and Network Account
You will receive your Willamette University Student Identification Number in an email within a few days of your exchange program admission email. You will also receive information about how to set up your Willamette email and network account.

You may be asked for your ID number when working with other campus offices because it will expedite their ability to rapidly access your records. You will also need your ID and network account login and password to complete online forms used by the University. Your ID number and password are your private information. Do not share your ID number with people other than Willamette University employees.

Course Registration
You will receive information about registration for spring semester courses in November. Registration for classes is a very simple and individualized process, so don't worry. The typical course load for the Willamette MBA program is 15 credits (5 three credit courses) per semester. Exchange students generally enroll in 5 elective courses for a total of 15 credits. Fifteen U.S. semester credits is equal to 30 ECTS credits.

Academic calendar and schedule of courses can be found here when available.

As an exchange student, you may select courses numbered 6000 to 7000. Course Descriptions are available online. If you are interested in seeing the courses our faculty recommend for various areas of interest, click on your area of interest below.

Your Arrival
Check the Academic Calendar for the first day of classes. You should plan to arrive in Salem a few days before so you have time to get settled and rested before school starts. We can provide tips for getting from the Portland International Airport (our closest port of entry) to Salem.

Exchange students generally live on campus for the one semester in which they are enrolled on campus. More information will be provided after admission to the exchange program. On-campus arrangements are made through the Willamette University Housing. The email address for Housing is

Health History and Immunization Records
Oregon state law requires all new students to provide immunization and health records. The Health History Form and Measles Immunity Form is available at, the Bishop Wellness Center Online Portal. This information must be submitted by the first day of class.

To access the forms:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Willamette username and password
  3. On your home screen you will see that you have a form to complete.
  4. Fill in your immunization dates. Only Measles information is required but other immunization dates will help the Bishop Wellness Center staff assist you.

Student Medical Insurance
All students attending Willamette University are required to have medical insurance. Willamette provides a student health insurance plan through Aetna insurance company that meets and exceeds health insurance requirements for “J” visa students. Information about required medical insurance coverage, costs, waiver procedures/policies will be made available this summer.

You will be required to complete a Willamette University Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver Form by the first day of class.

Email the Office of International Education for all questions related to purchasing or waiving the health insurance policy.

Costs and Expenses
While enrolled at Willamette University, exchange students are responsible for covering all costs of living, travel, books and other course materials, health insurance, immunizations (if any), personal expenses, and laptop (see laptop requirement below). Exchange students will need to document at least $8,000 in funds for each semester in which they will be enrolled at Willamette University.

Tuition, Fees and Books for Your Semester of Exchange
Tuition: Exchange students pay tuition to their home institution (CBS or KEDGE or EMS or Peking) for your semester of exchange.
Fees: All Willamette MBA students, including exchange students, pay a $40 per semester student fee and a $50 per semester Health Center Fee.
Books: We estimate that books and materials will average $600 per semester.

Save Money on Exchange Rates and Bank Transfer Fees with flywire
Willamette University partners with flywire to save international students money on exchange rates and bank fees. For more information visit the flywire website. You can access Willamette's flywire page directly.

Laptop Requirement
All Willamette MBA students are required to have a laptop computer. In some classes you will use your laptop extensively; in others periodically or minimally. See required laptop specifications.

Willamette University Bishop Wellness Center
The Bishop Wellness Center provides Health Services, Counseling Services, and Disability and Learning Services to our students. There is no office visit charge to students; fees are charged for lab work, prescriptions and some supplies. Students are seen by appointment, but urgent problems will be seen immediately. For more information visit the Bishop Wellness Center website.

Accessible Education Services
Willamette MBA students who have a documented disability and would like to request accommodations as covered under the American Disabilities Act are encouraged to apply for special accommodations and services through the Willamette University Accessible Education Services office. This office provides support for individuals with a diagnosed disability (e.g., learning, visual, hearing, psychiatric, chronic illness, etc.). Documentation needs to be on file with the Accessible Education Services office to receive appropriate accommodations and services. For more information contact the Accessible Education Services office or call 503-370-6471 (voice), 503-375-5383 (TDD), or 503-375-5420 (fax)