David Douglass to join College of Idaho as dean of faculty and VP for academic affairs

by University Communications,

David Douglass will depart Willamette at the end of the academic year to join the College of Idaho as dean of the faculty and VP for academic affairs. Douglass is currently a member of the Civic Communications and Media Studies faculty. He served as associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts for eight years, interim dean for a year, and dean of Campus Life from 2010–16.

As dean of Campus Life, Douglass led one of the university’s largest divisions. In his tenure, he worked to build cohesion among coaches, nurses, counselors, chaplains, residence life advisors and student involvement staff around a shared mission: helping students learn important life lessons that happen through cocurricular experiences.

Under Douglass’ leadership, Willamette’s Career Center developed a series of national award-winning programs related to career planning and exploration, and Campus Life received national recognition for its response to and review of Title IX and sexual safety issues.

Douglass also oversaw the development of Willamette’s Living Learning Residential Communities focused on health and welfare, sustainability and globalism, and it was his vision that created the Center for Equity and Empowerment. He also led the Campus Life division during the renovation of the Sparks Athletic Center and authored one of Willamette’s largest grants, which established a cooperative agreement between 380 universities to promote debate in China.

In a message to the campus community, President Steve Thorsett praised Douglass’ commitment to Willamette and his service through many different roles on campus.

“Whenever Willamette called David to serve,” wrote Thorsett, “he did it with full engagement of both head and heart.”


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