Student Health Plan, Requirements

For International Students, Scholars, and Accompanying Family Members

Insurance Requirements - International students and scholars

International students and scholars, including J-2 or F-2 family members, are required to have health insurance. Good health insurance helps protect your ability to continue your study by helping cover the cost of health care.

Willamette University (WU) provides a health insurance plan through PacificSource. (Note, there is no coverage for adult routine dental care on this plan.)

You and your dependents are automatically enrolled.

It is reasonably priced for the high level of coverage it provides.

  • Meets the U.S. Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Meets "J" visa health insurance requirements, including medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

Enrollment & billing are done via the Office of International Education.

  • Enrollment is based on an annual period. Cost is billed to you in two pieces: once at the beginning of each semester. See the COST table below for details. If you receive a waiver, the cost will be removed.
  • One semester exchange students: You will be billed only for the term you attend Willamette.
  • Scholars (non-student "J" visa-holders and dependents) are billed once via invoice for the entire cost of their coverage.
  • Even with insurance, there are some costs that you have to pay in addition to the enrollment cost. However, with insurance, you are less likely to have medical costs that would prevent you from continuing to study.


2018/2019 PacificSource Student Health Plan
(mm/dd/yy) Annual
Student   $ 1,818*   $ 794*   $ 1,024*
Spouse**   $ 1,718   $ 744   $ 974
each Child**   $ 1,718   $ 744   $ 974
** Dependents can only enroll if student/scholar is also enrolled.
* Administrative fee of $50 per semester included. Dependents do not pay an administrative fee.

Enrollment Application & Waiver Request

At the START of each academic year, complete the current Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form.

Option A: Enroll in the insurance

TO DO: Follow instructions. You will email your enrollment information to OIE. There is not a form to complete. This information helps us enroll you more quickly. We will contact the insurance company to tell you them you are enrolling.

ID cards will be available online. You will receive a notice via email when it is available.

Option B: Waive (decline) the university insurance

What it is:  If you BRING HEALTH INSURANCE coverage with you, you have one chance each academic year to ask if your insurance is eligible to replace the university's health insurance for that academic year. This is called a waiver. Requesting a waiver does not guarantee you will receive a waiver. GO TO WAIVE INSURANCE. Use the Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form.

Waiver Request Deadlines
                         Fall Deadline:
Mon, September 10, 2018
Academic year or Fall only students
Spring Deadline:
Mon, February 4, 2019
SPRING waiver applies only if your FIRST term at Willamette is spring 2019. Thereafter your deadline will be in fall.
Insurance does not cover the cost of healthcare expenses at 100%. You pay the cost of the insurance plus you will pay the healthcare provider for anything that the insurance does not cover. These balances are called: co-pay, deductible, coinsurance, non-covered or excluded costs, etc. Purchasing insurance is a cost IN ADDITION to any of these balances after insurance pays for healthcare costs.