Health Insurance Requirements

For International Students, Scholars, and Accompanying Family Members

Willamette Student Health Insurance Plan (Aetna)

Health care is very expensive in the United States, therefore, all international students and scholars, including their J-2 or F-2 family members, are required to have health insurance throughout their program. Good health insurance helps protect your investment in higher education when you need health care.

Willamette University (WU) provides a student health insurance plan through Aetna insurance company. You and your dependents are automatically enrolled. It is reasonably priced for the high level of coverage it provides.

  • Meets the U.S. Affordable Care Act requirements.
  • Meets health insurance requirements for “J” visa holders.
  • Automatic enrollment for all "F" & "J" visa-holders plus their dependents. 
  • Enrollment is based on the "annual" period as shown in the table below. The cost, however, is billed to you in two pieces: once at the beginning of each semester. See the COST below to see how the cost is split.
  • Pay WU at the same time you pay tuition and other charges.
  • Scholars (non-student "J" visa-holders and dependents) are billed via invoice for the entire cost of their enrollment period.
  • Enrollment & billing are done via the Office of International Education.

2016/2017 Health Insurance

As with all U.S. plans, there are some costs that you will have to pay, even with insurance. However, with insurance, you are less likely to have medical expenses that would prevent you from continuing to study.

Download the PDF insurance benefit brochure


Student   $ 1,540   $ 667   $ 873
Spouse*   $ 1,540   $ 667   $ 873
each Child*   $ 1,540   $ 667   $ 873
* Dependents can only be enrolled if student/scholar is also enrolled.

Enrollment Application & Waiver Request

At the START of each academic year, each international student will complete the current Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request Form- available under the heading Download the Form.

TO DO:  Choose to Enroll or Request a Waiver.  This is process cannot be done online. Full instructions, including how to submit and the deadline, are included on the Health Insurance Enrollment or Waiver Request form. There is a strict deadline to complete this process.

Option A: To Enroll

You will automatically be enrolled in the university’s health insurance; however, it is helpful for us to know that you won’t request a waiver.  Please complete and submit page 1 of the Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request form with Option A completed. ID cards will be available online about the second week of September. You will receive a notice via email on what to do when it is available.

Option B: To Waive (decline) the university insurance

If you BRING HEALTH INSURANCE coverage with you, you have one chance each academic year to ask for your insurance to replace the university's student insurance for that academic year. This is called a waiver. GO TO WAIVE INSURANCE for full information, criteria, and the waiver request form.

Waiver Request Deadlines:  

          September 12, 2016  (if you are at WU for the academic year or fall only)
          February 6, 2017
(if your first semester at WU is SPRING 2017)

The information on this page can be downloaded in PDF form. See Health Insurance Requirements 2016-2017 document at right.

NOTE: Insurance does not cover the cost of healthcare expenses at 100%. Enrollees who have insurance are still responsible for any charges and balances after the insurance has paid according to the insurance policy. Purchasing insurance is a cost IN ADDITION to any of these healthcare balances after insurance pays.