Contact Numbers

Housing On-Call staff is available to assist residents living on campus (except sororities) after normal working hours.

The Resident Advisor (RA) On-Call carries a cell phone and can respond in case of a lock-out or other concern from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. An Area Coordinator is also on call for the campus. In case of emergency, please contact Campus Safety and they will put you in touch with an Area Coordinator. The Area Coordinator On-Call does not have access to master keys for lock-outs.

RA Staff On-Call Phone Numbers

Eastside Baxter Complex (Baxter, Northwood, Southwood, Westwood) 503-302-4571
Eastside Matthews Complex (Belknap, Cascadia, Matthews) 503-302-4569
Westside (Doney, Lausanne, Lee, York, University Apts, WISH) 971-209-9777
Kaneko 503-302-6562

To contact the Area Coordinator On-Call

Please contact Campus Safety at 503-370-6911 in the event of an emergency. Campus Safety will put you in touch with the Area Coordinator On-Call.