Language in Motion (LiM)

When your family and friends are tired of hearing about your journey, we have a community outreach opportunity for you!

The Language in Motion (LiM) program provides Willamette University students a unique opportunity to share culture and language with students in the Salem-Keizer school district. Study abroad returnees, international students and language assistants are invited into local classrooms to provide learning opportunities for elementary, middle and high school students. Presenters are encouraged to work together to prepare presentations. Ideally presentations include one study abroad returnee and one international student or language assistant.

Last year 64 LiM presenters provided 100 presentations at local schools. Presentation topics ranged from food, politics, environment, language, arts,poverty, to youth culture. Presentation formats have included songs, games, power points, cooking, and informal questions and answers. Anything is possible!

Recommended for reentry style(s)

Free Spirit, Detached, Reassimilator, Integrator

To complete the requirement you need to:

Attend one of the Go LiM! Events for the full hour.

Attending the Go LiM! event will fulfill the requirement returning from study abroad activity (#3). 

Contact Information

Language in Motion Coordinator, UC 2nd Floor,

If you are interested in participating in Language in Motion but cannot attend the event please contact the LiM Coordinator at