Aloha Parents!

Mahalo for your support in our annual Hawaii Club Lu’au We greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement. It is time again that we ask for your help. We would appreciate any donations that you are able to give. This might be a confusing process, so I’ve tried to put together an

  1. I know what I will donate, what do I do now?
  2. How do I send my box to WU?
  3. What should I donate?
  4. Can I make a monetary donation?
  5. Can I send my child a personal box?

1. I know what I will donate, what do I do now?

Once you have bought or found items you would like to donate:

  1. Please email Royce Romero ( with your contact information and donation, so that I can update our records. We have developed a tracking system so that our various committees and our Parent Island Chairs are up to date. I update this list pretty regularly, so please keep checking as well. The spreadsheet is on our website under the Donations link. (*Island Chairs, please continue to check our website for any additions to our list)
  2. You will need to fill out TWO Donation Forms. One form will be placed in your donation box and one will be sent to me. The donation form will be put on our website.
  3. You will also need to label your box with 5 things:
    • FROZEN, CHILL or DRY (Choose appropriate label based on contents of the box)
    • APRIL 26, 2014
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Phone Number
    • Box __ of __
  4. Turn in to CFI
    • College Lu'au Packing List
      • Ctn# should correspond to Box Label (__of__)

2. How do I send my box to WU?

Donations can be sent to Willamette University (WU) either through cargo or mail. If sent through USPS MAIL, the sender will be responsible for paying for the package. If sent through CARGO, WU will pay for the transportation. If you choose to send through cargo, you need to contact your respective island chair and arrange to get the donation(s) to them, in a timely manner. Island Chairs will then be responsible for the shipping of all donations.

Parent Island Chairs

Oahu (1)

Pam Witherwax 


Oahu (2) 

Mark Lum


Oahu (3)

Pauline Lum



For Maui parents interested in donating, please contact Royce Romero at to coordinate a shipping method. 

Kauai (1) 

Joni Hamada-Patricio


Big Island (1) 

Diane Noda and Dale Hayashi


Big Island (2)

Jeri Canniff


If you are unable to meet your Island Chair, you may also arrange with CFI to drop off packages on the day of shipment, which is April 11 (neighbor islands) or April 12 (Oahu). The CFI representatives are also listed below. Please contact your respective CFI rep if you plan to drop off your package directly to CFI.

CFI Representatives


Angela Sanders
Lole Malaepule


Joey Lara


Sandi Acob


Vicky Brandt

3. What should I donate?

We are very appreciative of any donation you can give us. Please review the Suggested Donation Sheet.

  • We are always in need of greenery items. Please check the Greenery Donation sheet for specifics. *Agricultural inspection has specific details for shipping - contact me or your Island Chair for specifics.
  • We are also always looking for things to sell in our Country Store, such as lifhing candies, dried fruits, mac nuts, coffee, Hawaiian sun juice, etc. Please see our Suggested Donation Sheet for specifics.
  • We also need pineapples, specifically the ones from Dole, and Punch syrup. *If you have questions about specific amounts, please email me.

REMEMBER: If you donate any items, please be sure to Matt with what specific items you will be donating.

4. Can I make a monetary donation?

Absolutely! Checks can be made out to "Willamette University Hawaii Club".

Please mail them to:

Willamette University
Office of Multicultural Affairs
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301

Again, please Matt Murakami the amount you will be donating.

5. Can I send my child a personal box?

Yes! You can send your child a small box of whatever you would like. Please make sure to mark the box with your child's name and the word "Personal"