Office 365 at Willamette University

Since Fall 2015, Willamette University has been participating in a Microsoft program called Microsoft Student Advantage, which allows the university to provide access to Microsoft Office to students, staff and faculty at no additional cost for their personal devices. Students, faculty and staff can choose to download the full Microsoft Office ProPlus suite for any non-university-owned computer device (limitations apply). Beginning on June 7, 2016, WITS will begin synchronizing login credentials with the Microsoft Office 365 portal. Members of the university community will be able to use their Willamette user names and passwords to log in to the portal rather than having to create a separate Office 365 account with its own user name and password.

Office 365 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Office 365 Student Advantage benefit for students?
Academic institutions that are Microsoft customers and already license Office at the institutional level are eligible to offer Office 365 to their students at no additional cost. Students can take advantage of free Office 365 by logging in to the Office 365 portal. This includes the ability to download the full current version of Office ProPlus.

I'm a staff or faculty member, does this apply to me too?
Yes, Willamette's Microsoft licensing also allow staff and faculty to receive the benefit of utilizing Office 365 and its available software downloads on their personally-owned devices. Please do not install the Office 365 versions of software on your university-provided computers or devices. The Office software for those is deployed and managed by WITS.

Do I need a Microsoft Office 365 account to get the software?
Beginning on June 7, 2016, WITS will begin synchronizing Willamette user credentials with Office 365. You can access the Office 365 portal using your Willamette user name and password. If you have already created an Office 365 account, that account will be associated with your Willamette credentials. Your user name will still be your university email address, but you will need to begin using your Willamette password when you log in to the Office 365 portal.

How do I get free Office 365?
Installing Office 365 is easy, just follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Log in using your Willamette email address and password
3. Follow the instructions to download and install your software

Am I required to create a Microsoft account in order to get access to the software download?
No. Use your Willamette user name and password to log in to the Office 365 portal.

What if I have already created a Microsoft account and downloaded Office 365?
Continue to use your Office 365 software as usual. If you need to log in to the Office 365 portal, use your Willamette user name and password.

Should I use my Willamette network account password for my Microsoft account?
Yes. Your Microsoft account uses your Willamette email address as your username and your Willamette password as your password. This is like your Google Apps for Education account, which is fully integrated with your university network account.

So does that mean I can download and install the full version of Microsoft Office?
Yes. Under the Student Advantage program you will be able to download the full version of Microsoft ProPlus onto your computer, in addition to having access to the on-line, web-based features. 

Do I receive anything else besides the core Office applications? 
In addition to having access to the Office 365 client which has applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which work across your PCs and Macs, you can activate the clients on your iPad, iPhone, and Android Phone, giving you access to edit and review your documents on the go. You also get 1 TB of storage through OneDrive. If you are using a computer that doesn't’t have Office installed, don’t worry you can edit or review those assignments in Office Online in any browser.

I'm an employee here, can I use my personal OneDrive to store my work files?
Faculty and staff may not store official University documents and communications on OneDrive.  Why?  Because in the event of an emergency in which the individual was unavailable or incapacitated, no other person at the University would be able to access the material in order to conduct business.

What devices can I use Office 365 on?
Office supports Windows PCs and tablets running Windows 7 or higher, and Macs with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Office for iPad can be installed on iPads running iOS 7.0 or higher. For information about mobile devices, visit

What happens when I graduate or otherwise leave the University?
The Office 365 subscription granted through the Student Advantage program ends when you leave Willamette. You may enroll into other consumer Office 365 subscription if you'd like to maintain access to this service. Files stored in OneDrive will need to be transferred to another Office 365 account or manually downloaded to a separate location.

What does Office 365 Student Advantage include?
Office 365 ProPlus provides a full version of the Office suite, including familiar applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. Each user can install the software on up to five devices: PCs or Macs, and five tablets (iPad) and access Office mobile applications on iPhone and Android phones. (Office Mobile applications are included with all Windows phones).

Why can't I install just the programs I need like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel? 
The Office programs area packaged together for faster download and installation. Once you've installed Office, you can delete the short-cuts to the programs you don't need. If you need to, you can run different versions of Office products, like Excel 2013 and Excel 2010, side-by-side on the same computer.

How many devices can I install Office 365 on?
The Student Advantage version of Office 365 may be installed on up to five (5) total devices. Macs, PCs, tablets, and phones are all included in that total.

Can I install Office for iPad apps ?
Yes. Install the apps through the App Store using your Apple ID, and then sign in to the individual apps with your new Microsoft account.

If I recently purchased Office and am now also be eligible for free Office 365 ProPlus though my school, will I receive any credit and/or compensation?
No. The Office purchased is a consumer offering and students can continue to take advantage of the purchased offer.

If I have already purchased and installed Office 365 on my computer, what will happen if I attempt to install Office 365 through Willamette?
The office client supports having both an Office 365 personal account (used when if you purchased Office 365) and a school account (login provided by your school), students will be able to remain signed in with both. Office install will have both your personal and institution ID associated with it after the installation.

How does Office 365 and OneDrive integrate with Google Drive?
Office 365 and OneDrive do not integrate with Google Drive by default. OneDrive offers a similar cloud-storage service and similar collaboration tools. It is up to the individual student whether to use Drive, OneDrive, or both. Using OneDrive is not required to save documents in Office 365—you can save locally just like prior versions of Office. WITS recommends using Google Drive or Willamette's Netfiles/Groupfiles services for cloud storage and document sharing. Google has just recently announced a Google Drive plugin for Office, though it is very new so it is not clear how many varieties of Office for Windows/Mac are currently supported:

I need help installing, where do I go?
If you are having issues installing Office, visit Install Office on your PC or Mac with Office 365 for business ( for installation instructions. 

Is there more I should know about OneDrive and other could-based storage services?
Yes. Office 365 comes with a built-in and heavily integrated cloud storage option called OneDrive. Although potentially a tempting way to store and share Office documents, WITS’ official recommendation is to continue to use GoogleDrive and Willamette’s Netfiles/Groupfiles offerings for cloud-based storage for all your digital materials for a number of reasons:

  • OneDrive is provided by Microsoft as part of the service and is not directly controlled by WITS in any way
  • As with a personal DropBox account, any accidental loss of files or data stored on OneDrive is beyond Willamette’s purview.
  • Faculty and staff may not store official University documents and communications on OneDrive. Why? Because in the event of an emergency in which the individual was unavailable or incapacitated, no other person at the University would be able to access the material in order to conduct business.
  • Netfiles/Groupfiles and GoogleDrive provided by our Google Apps for Education remain the network-storage options for which WITS can provide the greatest level of support.
  • GoogleDrive provides unlimited storage for all types of documents
  • GoogleDrive documents can be shared with any and all members of the Willamette community and directory lookup makes it easy to find account names and addresses
  • Faculty and staff may not store official University documents and communications on OneDrive. Why? Because in the event of an emergency in which the individual was unavailable or incapacitated, no other person at the University would be able to access the material in order to conduct business.