2021-2022 Strategic Planning

Connecting the heart of Oregon to the world, Willamette University’s innovative approach to education has been cultivating leaders since 1842.

Nearly a decade after developing our most recent strategic plan, Willamette University is now embarking upon a strategic planning process that will guide us in educating the leaders of tomorrow. Over the next 10-12 months, we will work together to understand our institutional context, articulate the needs of our region and world, and craft a shared vision for our future.

Strategic planning is critical to the ongoing health, continued innovation, and sustainable future of any organization, and after a year of unprecedented uncertainty, introspection, and change, this collaborative process is particularly important. Willamette University’s 2021-2022 Strategic Planning process will allow us to explore opportunities to advance our place as the Northwest’s leading private liberal arts university while leveraging our collective strengths to best serve the needs of our students, communities, and society.

Strategic Planning Timeline

Phase 1: Understanding Our Environmental Context Compass Conversations Series
October 2021

Phase 2: Learning from One Another and Defining a Shared Vision
November 2021 – February 2022

Phase 3: Mapping Our Future
March – May 2022

Phase 4: Implementation and Ongoing Review
June – September 2022

Guiding Themes

The following themes and principles will guide our discussions throughout the 2021-2022 Strategic Planning process:

  • We will develop a shared understanding of the landscape and current trends within higher education, identifying and sharing information about Willamette University and its position within the current higher education landscape.
  • We will create and articulate a shared vision for Willamette University by engaging the campus community to reflect on our current path and where we want to be in the future.
    With our shared vision and values in mind, we will identify and plan around measurable goals.
  • We will conclude the process with a strategic document that can evolve as goals are met and priorities change.

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