Rebecca Alexander is the founder and CEO of AllGo, where she leads growth strategy and overall direction for a review hub and community of plus-size people. Bolstered by more than 50,000 users each month, AllGo is a member-supported platform dedicated to making the world a more accessible place for people of size.

Rebecca is also the author of “A Kids Book About Body Image,” which takes the conversation around body image head-on, helping kids not only love their own bodies the way they are, but understand how many corporations profit from keeping people insecure. The book highlights common body image concerns experienced by kids of all races, genders and sizes.

Rebecca is a lifelong Oregonian, residing in Portland with her Lhasa Apso, Lucy.

Rebecca Alexander '10
Willamette University

Alumni and Parent Engagement

900 State Street
Salem Oregon 97301 U.S.A.
503-375-5304 voice
503-370-6830 fax

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